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Japanese Romaji English
掴んだ砂 固く握り絞めては tsukanda suna kataku nigiri shimete wa Scooping up a fistful of sand, I clench my hand until it hurts.
進まない時計を捨てられないのは susumanai tokei o suterarenai no wa Though my watch has stopped, I can’t bring myself to throw it away,
自分にひと欠片の勇気があれば jibun ni hito kakera no yuuki ga areba as I’m still lacking that one tiny piece of courage.
さぁ、何処に行こうか? saa, doko ni ikou ka? All right, where shall I go now?

背負わされた掟、消えない傷を se owasareta okite, kienai kizu o There are the commandments I’m forced to bear, and wounds that refuse to heal,
包帯で隠して 皆と同じさ houtai de kakushite mina to onajisa but once I’ve covered them up with bandage, I can be the same as everyone else.
潰された虫を振り返ることなく tsubusareta mushi o furikaeru koto naku All right, let’s not worry about the bugs that’ve been squashed to death
さぁ、逃げ出すんだ saa, nigedasun da and just concentrate on escaping from here.

運ばれた虫ケラは hakobareta mushi kera wa All those pitiful insects that were brought here
バラバラに引き裂かれて barabara ni hikisakarete were torn to shreds, beyond recognition—
潤いをもたらしてく uruoi o motarashiteku all for the sake of some sick entertainment.
意識が飛んだ身体 ishiki ga tonda karada Their consciousness was completely gone.
魂なんて無いのに tamashii nante nai noni Not that they had a soul in the first place.
僕は誰なんだろう boku wa dare nan darou Who am I, then, I wonder?

僕を解き放って 遠く遠くまで boku o tokihanatte tooku tooku made I shall set myself free and travel a long, long way.
生きる意味をかき集めていれば ikiru imi o kakiatsumete ireba Once I’ve found enough of the meanings of living,
いつか思い描いた未来 itsuka omoi egaita mirai perhaps I’ll be able to realize the future I once envisioned.
奇跡なんて待てないんだ kiseki nante matenain da I can’t waste my time waiting for a miracle to happen.
この声が枯れるまで叫び続けていれば kono koe ga kareru made sakebitsuzukete ireba If I keep crying out until my voice grows hoarse,
ほら 道は開かれると弱虫の僕に hora michi wa hirakareruto yowamushi no boku ni a path will open for me—or so I try to convince the coward in me,
言い聞かせて犯した罪なんて忘れ去って iikikasete okashita tsumi nante wasuresatte wiping from my memory the sins I’ve committed.

掲げた拳は何処までも高く kakageta kobushi wa doko made mo takaku I’ll raise my fist, high and proud.
動きだす時間は過去を置いていく ugokidasu jikan wa kako o oiteiku The watch is ticking again, making a clean break with the past,
残された過ちが僕を見ている nokosareta ayamachi ga boku o miteiru though I can still feel the watchful eyes of the mistakes I’ve left behind.
もう居場所は無い mou ibasho wa nai There’s no longer a place for me anywhere.

落ち着けば大丈夫 ochitsukeba daijoubu Everything will be okay, I just need to calm down,
傷痕はいつか消えると kizuato wa itsuka kieruto and my scars will eventually fade away—
何度も繰り返して nando mo kurikaeshite that’s what I tell myself over and over again.
ぼろぼろだった自分を boroboro datta jibun o I’ll engrave in the deepest part of my mind
心の底に刻んで kokoro no soko ni kizande the memory of myself, all beat-up and ragged,
震える膝を押さえて furueru hiza o osaete as I try to steady my shaking knees.

抱き抱えた希望 idaki kakaeta kibou How pathetic I must have looked
それにすがる醜い僕が sore ni sugaru minikui boku ga as I kept holding on to the hopes I cherished.
無くした規律を書き留めてたら nakushita kiritsu o kakitometetara

If only I’d written down the lost ordinance,

こんなことにならなかったんだって konna koto ni naranakattan datte things wouldn’t have turned out this way—
自分に言い聞かせて jibun ni iikikasete or so I try to convince myself,
理想の結末を信じて risou no ketsumatsu o shinjite believing in an ideal ending,
いつか思い描いた未来 itsuka omoi egaita mirai hoping to realize the future I once envisioned.

奇跡なんてあり得ないんだ kiseki nante arienain da Miracles don’t exist, and in the same way,
僕の声が届かないようにって boku no koe ga todokanai youni tte my voice won’t be heard anywhere—or so I’ve been told.
裏切ることで自分を保って uragiru koto de jibun o tamotte I’ve chosen betrayal as the price for keeping my own life,
憧れた姿 誰にも akogareta sugata dare ni mo so here I am in a place where no one can find me,
見つからない場所で眺め続けてる mitsukaranai basho de nagametsuzuketeru thinking all the while of the person I hope to become.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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