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Flower, Nekomura Iroha and GUMI
The​Ditsie101 (music, lyrics)
4,900+ (YT), 22,000+ (SC)
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Behind this mask lies secrets I've been hiding.
And even so, there's nothing left to tell.

I'm falling down this mountain I've been climbing.
It's only now, my feelings begin to swell.

恐怖を征服、歩んでこの道。 kyoufu o seifuku, ayunde kono michi. Let go of all your fears and face this road ahead.
もう一度やってみて。 mou ichido yatte mite. try one last time.

この檻に、時間無駄ない。 Kono ori ni, jikan muda nai. Don't waste time, locked in your cage.
愛で閉じ込めうちに、放せ。 Ai de tojikome uchi ni, hanase. If love will keep you trapped, then let it go.

Wait, wait, wait, why don't I get a chance?
Hey, hey, hey, this time I'll take a stand.
Break, break, break from the chains that you're held by.
Block out your past, and let the whole world hear your cry.

痛みと悲しみの世界を残せ。 itami to kanashimi no sekai o nokose. Leave this world of pain and sorrow behind.
今、この檻から逃げ もらえ my escape. ima, kono ori kara nige- morae my escape. This time I'll break from my cage and make my escape.

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