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Walking on the road of the town which doesn't have definition
with no time and no meaning abstractedly.
Not feeling gravity and so many pressures from society,
I vacantly look up to sky.
Listening to turn around on the right,
the voices of my post-behaviors are heard one after another.
Looking back on the left,I can see my indicated future.
Not thinking in my mind the time along ruled line,
but 'the emotion' insights and structures all the existence.
Delusion in my dream reflects ideas in my reality. resound///

Hope and desire are hanged out without realizing.
Conceptions are created by intentions.
Masterpieces of consciousness can also be said recklessness and thought no values.
Creative delusions shake the objective imagination.
Unconsciously hope and desire change.
Cinerama which doesn't eat away by stress makes everything known to me.
Patterns of thinking link how I use to me.

時間(とき)を超えて今、僕の手に toki o koete ima, boku no te ni
理想と生きる記憶の投影 risou to ikiru kioku no touei
平行線から生み出すイマジネーションとクオリア heikousen kara umidasu imajineeshon to kuoria
写し映され虚無のストーリー utsushi utsusare kyomu no sutoorii
意味を持たない視覚の構築 imi o motanai shikaku no kouchiku
ほどこされた視野角は思念の時間(とき)を歪み動かしていく.. hodokosareta shiyakaku wa shinen no toki o yugami ugokashite iku..

曖昧な分だけ再生Re:再生 aimaina bun dake saisei Re:saisei
ひときわ煌めくリアルな事象 hitokiwa kirameku riaruna jishou
細胞は眠り無意識に育つ saibou wa nemuri muishiki ni sodatsu
永遠に続くローカダートゥ eien ni tsuzuku rookadaatu
制御不能なディープな迷路 seigyo funouna diipuna meiro
マリーの手を手繰り握りしめては marii no te o taguri nigirishimete wa
夢の瞑想・情景を描き yume no meisou joukei o egaki
時間(とき)を超えて今.. toki o koete ima..

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