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"Dear Mommy"
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MOROS (music, lyrics, illust, video)
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Cloud my thoughts until I cannot see
Devasted in your dreams
Spaces burst right from the seams
They won't stop my laughing
Create my eternity

Birthday just for me
Such a happy well-placed family
Sing happily about our mortality
Such futility for others to accept me
What they choose to see makes them seem like mindless sheep

Aren't I the most precious thing that you've ever seen?
I'm confused to why
All hate me
Mommy, my mommy
How could you be oh so naughty?
Tired to please your wishes but you just had to leave me
Daddy, oh daddy,
How could you not take care of me?
Extirpate the need for such calamity

Mommy, my mommy
I wish I could tell you usorry
Shall we set up a stage for all mankind to see?
Daddy, oh daddy
Why couldn't you be close to me?
Display the force of human duality

I love my mommy

Secrets behind the door. Fill my ears until I can't take more
More sympathy
Flayed of my own dignity
Hate dread, and despair. Sirens ringing
 can't find where

Where where where am I?
Could they hear me if I cry
Fabric skin, black button eyes, and a red hat like mine
Such a perfect girl who stole my mind

Mommy, my mommy
Who sleeps in soil so slemnly
I caan hear the voices of dolly so clearly
Daddy, oh daddy
I'll miss you oh so dearly
I'll just have to cut you to pieces cleanly

Mommy, my mommy
Why did you exhume little me?
If I was just a problem, why give birth to me?
Daddy, oh daddy
Am I Adam or am I Eve?
Cutting down the tree that God had made for me

I hear animals speaking in tongues
Come my child and we will play, make the evil go away
Bless this child of flesh and sin so burn her body from WITHIN

Dolly, oh dolly
the only one who did love me
Who could better know my thoughts than a smaller me?
Dolly, my dolly,
your demands whisper so sweetly
Sever ties with what remains of sanity

Help me, oh help me as I am thrown into the sea
struggling as I try to breathe pitifully
Mommy, my mommy
the water pressure's killing me
I will remain in here for eternity

I really really love my mommy

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