Song title
"Deae Lunae Vult"
Original Upload Date
Aryuna (music, lyrics, illust, PV)
Gabriel Estrella, Poleng, Alexander Torres (special thanks)
20+ (SC), 400+ (YT), 300+ (NN)
SoundCloud Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast


Japanese/Latin Romaji Official English
聖なる冒険とその運命へ seinaru bouken to sono unmei e To that holy journey and that fate,
この剣と心を血で浴びて kono ken to kokoro o chi de abite let us bathe this blade and heart in blood.
殺してしまえ 女神を逆らう豚共. koroshite shimae megami o sakarau butadomo Kill the pigs who defy the Goddess
光の名前で 罪全て許される hikari no namae de tsumi subete yurusareru In the name of the Light, all our sins will be forgiven.

女神で恵まれた我々よ megami de megumareta wareware yo Us, who're blessed by the Goddess,
剣を抜けろう そして聖戦へ進む ken o nukerou soshite seisan e susumu Take out your swords and advance to this Holy War.
異端者全員 天罰を itansha zenin tenbatsu o Mete divine punishment onto these heretics
命捧げよう 女神の名前で inochi sasageyou megami no namae de Let's give our lives in the name of the Goddess.

戦うよ 孤独の我々(子供)tatakau yo kodoku no kodomo ga We will fight, the children of sorrow.
剣の輝きで 天国を齎す ken no kagayaki de tengoku o motarasu By the glimmer of our sword, we will bring Heaven.
女神の選ばれた保護者達よ megami no erabareta hogoshatachi yo Chosen guardians of the Goddess,
悪魔の人形全員燃えろ akuma no ningyou zenin moero burn down all the dolls of the Devil.

Vivat Deae Lunae  Long live the Goddess of the Moon. 
Vivat salus noster  Long live Our Salvation. 
Ad maiorem Deae Lunae gloriam  To the greater glory of the Goddess of the Moon. 
Vivat lunae lumina  Long live the moonlight. 

Vivat salus noster  Long live Our Salvation. 
Per aspera ad astra  Through hardship to the stars. 
Gloria perpetua  Eternal glory. 
Gloria perpetua  Eternal glory. 

O Deae Lunae,  O Goddess of the Moon, 
In lumine tuo videbimus lumen.  In your light, we will see light. 
...Et nunc et semper.  ...And now and forever.

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