Convert Infection
Song title
"Covert Infection"
Original Upload Date
MEIKO, KAITO, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len and MAIKA
Caprice (music, lyrics, illust, video)
YouTube Broadcast


Convert infection
Unknown infection
Convert infection
Unknown infection

Do you see the woman standing there, all non-chalant?
She’s the one at fault!
She’s the one at fault!
Made a medicine to cure a problem of the brain
A failed gambit
A failed gambit
Will you see what you’ve done to everyone?
Do you know what I tried to do?! It was just an accident

The story of the woman who started something by accident
It was something that changed it all. It was something that we called a convert infection
Hiding away; insanity
Unknown infection
Something that we would not expect
Convert infection
It was something we learned too late
Unknown infection
Someone called it a dream come true!

They had sent me over to inspect this problem.
There was something wrong!
There was something wrong!
‘Round the globe, it spread to everyone
They had no clue
Right until the end

Ms. Miroir, would you tell me how to stop this?
I apologize, but I just don’t know!
Ms. Miroir, please be more careful now
I apologize, but I didn’t know!

I think it over for us
Still, until the very end comes
We will go and tell about
What we had to deal with
チエフ (Chiefu)

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