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Yo soy frio

You try to get me, how do you think I love you?
It's not easy to construe
It's so cold inside of me, your taste disgusts me
My heart is like a piece of ice

You have so much love to give, you need so much pleasure
Your face is such a sin in my mind
You forced me to touch you, no matter what I would think about
But my fingers on your skin are frozen

You still believe in me and my so-called feelings
But I don't want you
Girl, you're dangerous

Your behaviour lets me think that I dont have any choice
And I can't speak
Girl, you're creepy

Yo soy frio

All my friends said that I must fuck you off
That you are extremly greedy and spooky
They take care of me
But I will be marked at life

I know that if I say no, you'll enter in crisis
Stirring pity up is what you do the best
What should I do?
What will I become?

Veo que haces tu mejor para obtener alguna cosa de mi
Como haces con aproximadamente todos. Por ti, soy complentamente frio
No admites la negativa, es dificil por ti. Como es dificil por mi no odiarte.
Me siento oprimido contigo, gestionando tus impulsos repugnantes.
Un dia, seremos mas fuertes.

At the risk to displeased anyone
A girl harassing a guy's seen as weird
But I don't give a shit what people think
You don't have the right to override my consent
All your victims will get their revenge

You still believe in me and my so-called feelings
But I don't want you
Girl, you're dangerous

No me quieres, detene decir el contrario
Dices la misma a todo el mundo
Conozco todos tus hechos
Tu pequeño juego no toma

Espero que has vergüenza
Pero sé que no has nunca remordimiento
Que podemos hacer?
Que devendremos?

J'ai cru en toi mais ton souvenir me glace
J'ai pris le risque de te voir en face
J'me suis retrouvé pris au piège
Et personne pour entendre mes plaintes

It's not your fault, you know
you give her a chance
To wash the picture she gives you
But she's only a predator
It was years ago she's acted like that
And she'll never stop
She'll never confess that she's wrong
She never will. A rapist can't.

Yo soy frio.

It's foul and you can't do anything against
Take care of you, my friend
We're so much to live the same shit
And we're here for you if you need