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Yuzuki Yukari, flower, KAITO, MEIKO, Lily, MAYU, Nekomura Iroha, Kaai Yuki, Tohoku Zunko, Chika, Tone Rion, anon, kanon, KYO, VY1, Utatane Piko
*Luna (music, lyrics)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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Japanese Romaji English
毎日は退屈かい? mainichi wa taikutsu kai? Is every day so boring that it’s a struggle
あくびを噛み殺して akubi o kamikoroshite to keep yourself from yawning?
前を向き今日もまた mae o muki kyou mo mata Come, let’s look ahead
一日を始めよう ichinichi o hajimeyou and prepare ourselves for another day.

こうやって僕たちは kou yatte bokutachi wa We interact with one another,
顔を合わせているけど kao o awasete iru kedo day after day,
知らないことだらけ shiranai koto darake but so little do we know about each other.
例えば、君って性別不詳(どっち)?笑 tatoeba, kimi tte docchi? I mean, like, what gender are you? lol

そうさ僕ら きっと皆 sou sa bokura kitto mina It’s true. I’m sure we’ll always have our own pace,
ずっと違うリズムで歩く zutto chigau rizumu de aruku and there’d be differences of opinion
すれ違って ちょっと悩んだりして surechigatte chotto nayandari shite that would remain stuck in our minds for a while.

いつも通り itsumo toori Like always,
叱られる双子(いたずらっ子)が舌を出す shikarareru itazurakko ga shita o dasu the mischievous twins are making fun of the teacher, even as they’re being lectured on.
それを見た優等生も呆れて笑った sore o mita yuutousei mo akirete waratta Seeing that, the straight-A student could only smile in resignation.
その陰で人知れず使命背負う彼 sono kage de hitoshirezu shimei seou kare And standing in the shadow is he who’s shouldering a great mission, unknown to all.
それぞれの事情も思いも sorezore no jijou mo omoi mo That’s our classroom, where everyone has their own circumstances
詰め込んだclassroom tsumekonda classroom and their own concerns.

退屈な毎日は taikutsuna mainichi wa If we want to,
僕らが望むなら bokura ga nozomu nara it’s completely within our power
簡単に覆せる kantan ni kutsugaeseru to turn this boring life upside down.
そう革命だって起こせるさ sou kakumei datte okoseru sa Yes, we can start a whole revolution!

そうだよこの教室(へや)で sou da yo kono heya de That’s right! Let’s turn our dreams into reality
ユメをカタチにしよう yume o katachi ni shiyou in this very room!
一人じゃない hitori janai You’re not alone.
それぞれのストーリーが sorezore no sutoorii ga Our stories are all connected,
繋がって継ながって tsunagatte tsunagatte and in turn, they’ll help connect us.

言えなかったあの言葉も ienakatta ano kotoba mo All of the words you couldn’t say,
どうしたって届かない想いも doushita tte todokanai omoi mo all of the feelings you can’t convey,
一人じゃきっと叶わない夢も hitori ja kitto kanawanai yume mo and all of the dreams you can’t realize on your own—

全部ここから変わるんだ zenbu koko kara kawarun da they will all change, starting from here.
別々に歩いてきた僕らが betsu betsu ni aruitekita bokura ga Each of us has walked our separate path
ここに集った koko ni takatta that brought us here together.
それってきっと sore tte kitto I believe
奇跡と呼んでもいいと思うから kiseki to yonde mo ii to omou kara that’s enough to call it a miracle.

いつも通り itsumo toori That girl
電波受信...あの娘は宇宙人? denpa jushin... ano ko wa uchuujin? who’s always communicating with radio waves… is she an alien?
それを見た彼女は今日も恋人自慢 sore o mita kanojo wa kyou mo koibito jiman and then this other girl is bragging about her boyfriend again.
その端で無理して笑ったあの子に sono haji de muri shite waratta ano ko ni There’s also this girl standing off to the side, forcing herself to laugh at all that.
『大丈夫』 手を差し伸べる “daijoubu” te o sashinoberu I’m going to reach out to her and let her know that everything will be okay.

いつも通り itsumo toori As usual,
皆の思いがあふれていて mina no omoi ga afurete ite we all bring with us our own thoughts and feelings.
僕の好きなものは君の嫌いかもしれなくて boku no sukina mono wa kimi no kirai kamo shirenakute The things I love may turn out to be something you hate,
僕にしか出来ない boku ni shika dekinai but there are so many things
君にしか出来ない kimi ni shika dekinai that only I can do, or only you can do,
僕らにしか出来ないことが沢山ある bokura ni shika dekinai koto ga takusan aru and also things only we can do, together,
さあ始まる今日も saa hajimaru kyou mo so let’s get started on another brand new day in our

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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