The Story of the Kitsune (狐の話, Kitsune no Hanashi), also known as the Onibi series in the western fandom, is a series of songs by masa. It consists of six songs.

The chronological order of the songs is as followed:

  1. 鬼蜘蛛ト狐ノ獅子ト (Onigumo to Kitsune no Shishi to)
  2. 狐の嫁入り (Kitsune no Yomeiri)
  3. 鬼美影演舞狂-狐ノ嫁入リ- (Kimikage Enbukyou -Kitsune no Yomeiri-)
  4. 死凶天邪鬼 (Shikyou Amanojaku)
  5. 首無演舞狂 (Kubinashi Enbu Kyou)
  6. 鬼火 (Onibi)

There are also two song that take place in the same universe as the series, but aren't part of the main story:

  1. 明鏡鬼童 (Meikyou Oniwarabe) (at the same time as Kubinashi Enbu Kyou but in a different location)
  2. 姫百合演舞京 (Himeyuri Enbukyo)

The release order of the songs is as follows:

  1. 鬼火 (Onibi)
  2. 狐の嫁入り (Kitsune no Yomeiri) original
  3. 首無演舞狂 (Kubinashi Enbu Kyou)
  4. 鬼美影演舞狂-狐ノ嫁入リ- (Kimikage Enbukyou -Kitsune no Yomeiri-)
  5. 明鏡鬼童 (Meikyou Oniwarabe)
  6. 狐の嫁入り (Kitsune no Yomeiri) remake
  7. 死凶天邪鬼 (Shikyou Amanojaku)
  8. 姫百合演舞京 (Himeyuri Enbukyo)

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