Walkin Through A Hurricane
Song title
"Candy Striper"
Original Upload Date
DAINA, Ruby (chorus)
Steven Wagenheim (music, lyrics)
SoundCloud Broadcast


Candy Striper

How does it feel when I hold you so tight
How does it feel when it's so late at night
Out of the blue and out of this world
You know that I'm gonna be your dream girl

All that I need is a little more time
All that I need is for you to be mine
Everything else doesn't matter my dear
So come to me there is nothing to fear

Let yourself go just let it be
Let yourself go set yourself free
The time is now nothing to lose
The time is now go and choose

Candy I'm your candy
Dandy that's what I am
Candy you're so randy
Handy do what I can
No one can ever give to you what I can do
Candy striper girl for you

This is the thing you have wanted so long
It feels so right so it just can't be wrong
Me here with you and you here with me
True love at last that's the way it should be