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Hatsune Miku
keeno (music, lyrics)

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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Japanese Romaji English
あの日、私は恋をして Ano hi, watashi wa koi o shite I fell in love on that day
ここで呼吸を始めたの Koko de kokyuu o hajimeta no And took my first breath right here.

街も遠くで鳴る海も Machi mo tooku de naru umi mo The streets, as well as the rumbling sea from afar
淡く色付いて Awaku irozuite Are taking on a faint color.

声に出したら壊れてしまったの Koe ni dashitara kowarete shimatta no It shattered as soon as I put it into words,
心は加速して擦り切れていくから Kokoro wa kasoku shite surikirete yuku kara ‘Cause my accelerated heart keeps on wearing itself out.

切なくて苦しくて Setsunakute kurushikute If I have to suffer this much sadness,
こんなにも痛いなら Konna ni mo itai nara Agony, and pain,
最初から気付かずにいたかった Saisho kara kizukazu ni itakatta I wish I had never noticed it in the first place.

何度でも息を止めてみるけど Nando demo iki o tomete miru kedo Time and time again, I try to stop breathing,
鮮やかに世界は色付いたままなの Azayaka ni sekai wa irozuita mama nano But the world still retains all of its vibrant colors.
焼き切れたように爛れた心 Yakikireta you ni tadareta kokoro What other choice did I have
掻き毟って握り潰した Kakimushitte nigiritsubushita But to tear out my inflamed heart and crush it in my own hands?

ずっとただ息をして Zutto tada iki o shite Thus I will simply go on breathing
涙まで枯れる頃 Namida made kareru koro Until at last, even my tears have run dry.
何度でもまたここで恋をする Nando demo mata koko de koi o suru And I will fall in love anew, right here, over and over again.

切なくて苦しくて Setsunakute kurushikute It’s so very sad, so very agonizing,
こんなにも痛いけど Konna ni mo itai kedo And so very painful,
君がいる世界でただ息をする Kimi ga iru sekai de tada iki o suru But I will still go on breathing in a world where you exist.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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