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Hatsune Miku and GUMI
Rinoarashi-P, AhmadS (music, lyrics)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

yeah, Ahmad here

I wake up this morning, just like my other day
Nothing special everything goes like my other day
I take my breakfast and leaving to the jail
For my advanced and time leaping to my life

Pretending to be innocent who forgets the problem
Then i grab my bike and ride as fast as I can
But when i ride this damn bike
The traffic jam is a common thing I can find in my way

Oh yeah

You must pass the problem
I can do it by myself
You can pass the problem
I must give my hand to you

Then I believe that I can pass through this problem
Can pass through this problem, yeah

I'm bored, I'm bored, yeah
I'm bored, I'm bored, yeah
I'm bored, so bored, yeah
I'm bored, still bored, yeah
We're bored, so bored, yeah
We're bored, still bored, yeah

I meet my friend and planned a massive mess
Then i open the laptop and so my friend
Make it simple and keep smiling to the world
we hit the keyboard and arise earthquake

We must fulfill our day and reveal the fog of war
'cause that all can make it a better day it's true
Burn the coldness with the fire from inside
So yeah we can make the spirit of the day

Yeah we start our day calmly
Although we cannot predict the future
It means run through the route sphere
The future can be dark or bright it depends on what we did

We must be tough, yeah
We must be strong, yeah

This is spirit of the day
I stepped through the gates of hell

The song of ours I hear from this empty heart
I realize it was a gently whispered melody
Ahmad and Rino here featuring Miku and Gumi
And you know we are come here to break the fridging jail

We must do it because better day makes us so excited
Yeah this time is like the shooting stars run fast toward our life
I cannot end that marvelous experience right now
Yet I said that time cannot be repeated, that must be true

Yeah because of that we have done our day perfectly
So we know what is the short term future of our life

The best thing that we want to do now is falling to our bed

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