Song title
"Blood Fountain"
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka
Nik Clay (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast


No more drinking water from the hose, I'm sick of how i misremember things that happened in the past, it's good for no one. I talk to myself sometimes, i must be just like you.

kind gestures make me anxious sometimes, It's something i am desperate to unlearn. I tear it up to shreds before it's even done. It's just another nervous habit.

But when i wake up, to see you sitting there, been up for a while now by yourself, I always feel a little guilty. And when i wake up to see you're still asleep, I will roll over to embrace you. In this moment I want to live. I want to live like this forever.

In a moment i can't breathe, my chest tightens like it always does, and once again i fail to say your name. I wanted to be calm, I swear i tried so hard, still, in the end I'm everything I'm not. But you assure me that it's fine, that i should trust I'm still alive, and if I died, you wouldn't be right next to me. So You clasp your hands round mine, as the confidence drains from my face, and in its place, a fountain of blood.

I am so full of love i could explode.

Im sorry i talk so much about death, its just always on my mind. I still don't know if i believe in ghosts but i feel them even when i'm all alone.

I am made of love for you.

And though i know we both are sore we soon will feel relief, through antique tones and synthetic homes, our lives have yet to cease.

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