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Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka
Treow (music)
NaturaLe (lyrics)
Kitajima Shizuka (movie)
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470,000+ (NN), 64,000+ (YT)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Main Singer Miku Luka Both
Japanese Romaji English

"Please don't try to separate us..."

自分だから悪いんだ Jibun dakara warui nda It goes ill because of me
無数の(あと)を飾る Musuu no ato wo kazaru The present from the bond (little finger)
(こゆび)の贈り物 Koyubi no okuri mono to dress up the countless blues (marks).
(かれ)焦点(ピント)は合わない Kare no pinto wa awanai Father's (His) sight never comes in focus

虹が未知を悔い(ちぎ) Niji ga michi wo kuichigiru Rainbow regrets the unknown and pledges to it

(Rainbow bites off the unknown)

答えが問いを()わす Kotae ga toi wo kowasu The answer makes the question yearn for itself

(The answer breaks the question)

足をとられて 踊る舞台(テラス) Ashi wo torarete odoru terasu de On the stage (the terrace) that I danced for my feet caught,
ざらつく声を聴いていた Zaratsuku koe wo kiite ita I was listening to the coarse voice

振り上げて 涙削る Furiagete namida kezuru A touched hand (an ordinary hand) raised
在り触れた手 Arifureta te to shave one's tears
僕を矯正する(しかる) Boku wo shikaru Reforms me (scolds me) with irrelevance
ちぐはぐな 慰めが好き Chiguhagu na nagusame ga suki And loves such a consolation

視界の亀裂 振動(リズム)の乱れ Shikai no kiretsu rizumu no midare I know the crack of sight, the disorder of swing (rhythm)
痛みで知る “自分だけのため” itami de shiru “jibun dake no tame” from the pain. "Only for myself"
あぁ 満たされる Aa mitasareru Ah, I'm satisfied
あなたが言うから 森にひとりきり Anata ga iu kara mori ni hitori kiri Since you say, I'm alone in a forest,
そっと刻み込む Sotto kizamikomu and quietly engrave
握る袖 その手だけ Nigiru sode sono te dake Only that hand grasping the sleeve

"Don't take him away from me."
"I need your..."

自分だけが悪いんだ Jibun dake ga warui nda I am solely wrong,
無数の意図(いと)が絡み Musuu no ito ga karami countless intentions (threads) get tangled up
間違いだと喚く Machigai da to wameku And they bawl that I'm wrong,
僕と常識(ピント)が合わない Boku to pinto ga awanai they and I never fit common sense (focus)

迷うはずのない道で Mayou hazu no nai michi de On the road that I can never get lost
「座っていてはダメ」と "Suwatte ite wa dame" to "You must not sit back"
脚が捩れて 折れた舞台(テラス) Ashi ga nejirete oreta terasu de On the terrace (the stage) with its twisted and broken legs,
不快な(こえ)が引き擦った Fukai na koe ga hikizutta a jarring sound (voice) dragged along

白い牢で浴びせられる他人(ひと)基準(ルール) Shiroi rou de abiserareru hito no ruuru The others' standard (The people's rules) is showered upon me in a white jail
僕は知らない Boku wa shiranai I don't know,
間違ってない Machigatte nai I'm not wrong;
痛みで確認(そんざい)できるもの itami de sonzai dekiru mono because I can make sure (exist) with the pain
思い上がりで圧し()けないで Omoiagari de oshitsukenai de Don't push and spit it out at me (impose it on me) with your conceit

正しくないと正しい枠を言葉で打つ Tadashikunai to tadashii waku wo kotoba de utsu They knock the right frame with the word that I'm not right
“自分達のため” “Jibun-tachi no tame” "For ourselves"
あぁ縛られる Aa shibarareru Ah, I'm tied down

どんなに泣いても 小石(しるし)が途切れて Donna ni naite mo shirushi ga togirete However long I cry, they no longer send me home
もう帰さない Mou kaesanai for the pebbles (the marks) ended
辿る方法(もの) この手だけ Tadoru mono kono te dake The only way (thing) to follow is this hand

ふたつが消えて みっつになって Futatsu ga kiete mittsu ni natte Two went off, they became three,
嘔吐(えず)いた日々 それでも走って Ezuita hibi soredemo hashiite and I had the days I felt nausea. Even so,
あぁ帰りたい Aa kaeritai Ah, I wanted to run back home

自分がないから あなたが教えて Jibun ga nai kara anata ga oshite Since I lack the self, as you teach,
ずっと刻み込む Zutto kizamikomu I always engrave
握る袖 その手だけ Nigiru sode sono te dake Only that hand grasping the sleeve

"You desperately try to collect all the gems"
"which are scattered in the sea."
"But will you ever realise that you have lost the precious."

"Dear sinking ship, this is my present."
"Take it with you to the bottom of the sea."
"Sweet Dreams."

English translation by ikuy398

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