Song title
"Black Rose Waltz"
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka
Dysergy (music, illust., mixing, mastering)
Lizz Robinett (Lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


Once upon a time, there lived a girl born into secrets
Raised with lies, but in her eyes, were nothing but truth
Raining down, a violent storm of flames
Glowing bright, those ruby eyes grew vain

With beauty and disgrace, she grew into a mysterious flower
With malice in her veins, she danced to a song of power
"One, two, three, waltz with me, don't be afraid"
She held out her hand and he swiftly obeyed

A dangerous girl, and the boy, so forlorn
The blackest of roses, will have the sharpest of thorns
A boy meant to burn, who somehow survived the pain
Unbeknownst to him, he had taken her hand
The one who was to blame

Preying on his weakness, taking all she could
Always searching, wanting more, thinking that she should
"Know who you belong to. You're the one in debt
You will do everything that I say, Make sure that you never forget."

Torn apart, she burned his heart to ash
Something flickered in his eyes
A memory sparked as she turned her back

Late in the night, after she closed her eyes
She dreams of a rose as the flames start to rise
Slowly the petals turn crimson to black
Burning away in a harrowing dance

Wandering through the darkness, searching for a light
Knowing the sin that they both mingled in
She vowed to stay close to his side
She will be there always, never far behind
Watching with her blood red eyes, a black rose in the night

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