Song title
Original Upload Date
Yuzuki Yukari
Hatsune Miku and Tohoku Zunko (chorus)
Johan Plus Kei (music, lyrics)
Kabeneko (illust)
Niconico Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
手を抜いた料理でも 綺麗になるから te o nuita ryōri demo kirei ni naru kara Even when I cut corners a little bit when cooking, the food can still look pretty
緑のひかる バジルたち midori no hikaru bajirutachi when adorned with some basil glistening in green.

ありふれた 午後の二人から arifureta gogo no futari kara Without a moment’s doubt, it erases the distance
迷いもなく 距離を奪うから mayoi mo naku kyori o ubau kara between the two of us on an utterly ordinary afternoon.
恥じらいや 溜め息 あきらめも hajirai ya tameiki akirame mo Any shyness, unhappiness, or resignation
映画のように 色付くの eiga no yō ni irozuku no could become beautified, like in a movie.

手をかけた思い出も 忘れられるから te o kaketa omoide mo wasurerareru kara No matter the care or attention, memories are bound to be forgotten,
記憶に残す 香たち kioku ni nokosu kaoritachi leaving behind only the fragrance in our minds.

曖昧な人を 愛してる aimai na hito o aishiteru I’m in love with someone ambiguous.
それはまるで 猫の日のようだ sore wa maru de neko no hi no yō da It’s almost like caring for a cat,
わがままな 別の形に wagamama na betsu no katachi ni for I’d know for sure, even if they were to hide
隠れても きっとわかるから kakurete mo kitto wakaru kara under a different, arbitrary form.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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