Ballroom Desire
Song title
"Ballroom Desire -An Evening in Gold-"
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka and GUMI
Yootna (music, lyrics)
Siiri (lyrics, illust)
200+ (YT), 20+ (SC)
YouTube Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast


A blinding clear light shines above me
Casting from the sparkling chandeliers
An orchestra plays the rhythmic melody
The sound of their prelude flows through my ears

Suddenly, I look up and see
A fascinating lady glancing towards me

The one whom I stare at in lovestruck awe
Wandering through the door to my heart
Feeling so close to this princess that I just saw
Even though we are straying so far apart

The violins, the cello, the accordions, and the piano
Encourage my spouse to join me in a waltz
Couples dance lovingly around the darkening ballroom
But why am I imprisoned between these walls?

If I don't make my move now, then when?
The nearby clocktower sounds the midnight bells

When we communicate with our gaze,
Your swift winking mean more than his words
The mark you left on me will not disappear,
So please, meet me behind the curtains, my dear

Letting go of our personal revelations
The moment we feared was this exact situation
Our current ways bring us no joy anymore
But we know that life has much more in store

Our conversation was not as private as we thought
A quick and forceful tug revealed our hiding spot
"Oh, darling, please calm down, I just like to believe
That not being joined to you would have me relieved"

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