Song title
"At Least Try"
Original Upload Date
KAITO, MEIKO, Hatsune Miku, and Megurine Luka
Move-Forward (music, lyrics)
piapro Broadcast (deleted)

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

If you ever want to make it to the top
You must never, ever, ever stop!
If you want to share your song to everyone
You must never, ever just be done!
Don't stop and just ask "Why?"
You must at least try

Right now, I just dream of the future
Of what it'd be like to be on top
But I guess I know something for sure
To get there, I'm never gonna stop!

Right now, I want to show what I can do
I want to prove my capabilities
I want to make this dream become true
As I ponder, "What are my abilities?"

Right now! Here we are,
Here we are! We stand here!
Right now! It is time,
It is time! Yet with fear--

This is the movement going forward
This is a brand new chance
This is the goal that we're reaching toward
Now is the time to enhance

We might not reach the goal
But I know deep in my soul
That to reach the sky
We must at least try


The risk involved in needing to share
Makes you wonder are you even aware
Of what happens in the end?
What's the next step here, my friend?

You can't get anywhere without trying
But is it even worth sacrificing?
Would you like to stay where you are
or would you like to make it far?

If you ever wanna make it to the top
Well, you're gonna have to never stop
Not giving up is what I'd recommend
That's how we reach the next step, my friend!

Right now! It is time,
It is time! Here we are!
Right now! We stand here,
We stand here! But how far--?

We are the movement going forward
We have a brand new chance

We have a goal that we're reaching toward
This is the time to enhance

I know deep in my soul
That for us to reach our goal
And to one day fly
We will at least try


If you want to make it far,
If you want to be a star,
Please don't ever lose sight,
And don't give up the fight!

I know someday, if we keep this up,
Maybe we can reach the top!

And I know, please do not deny,
Please just at least

Let's start the movement going forward
Let's use this brand new chance
Let's reach the goal that we're driving toward
The perfect time to enhance

Let's make this song unfold
Sharing things that we want told
And to not deny
We must at least

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