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AVANNA and Kagamine Len
Aoi (music, lyrics)
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Chasing still the empty voice in the dark
If I will reach the end of the world, will you still come with me?
Oh, I never will see the light in the start
If I will find the words to unfurl, would you still let me breathe?
I’ve given time
To the lasting midnight
I’ve given time
See the colors all combined
I’ve lost all time
To the fiction worlds subside
I’ve lost all time
I wonder why...
Grow an asphodel under the world
If I will fly to the end of time, will this story unfurl?
The memories we shared unfold all again
When I reach the end of the line, I’d still wait for the end

Raindrops will fall because of you
Though my sentiments have died
I still walk along the edges and the lines, you know
Truth used to love because of you
But my feelings withered, dry
And the rain will never fall

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