Anthem for the Silent Souls
Song title
"Anthem for the Silent Souls"
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka and Clara
HorizonsP (music, lyrics)
600+ (NN), 5,700+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Spanish English
Desperté en la estación otro día más I woke up in the station again for another day,
esperando un tren que ya pasó. waiting for a train that'd already passed.
Por mucho que quiera probar
sé que no habrá más billetes.

Once again, I am here, ready to forget,
but today I find it especially hard
The memory of your naked torso,
now is like salt on a wound.

Amanece con un tono radical,
una luz estival, un cielo ideal.
Sería perfecto sin la ausencia de tu voz. It would be perfect if not for

the absence of your voice.

Please, no more lies,
I'm so tired of hide what I feel,
Whom I love, is really childish

Vengo de tierras del sol, mundos de calor,
donde a nada está mal visto ya.
Eres un Dios del amor, yo tu servidor, You're a god of love,

I, your servant,

quiero que no importe a nadie mas.

It's so hard to understand,
what they think I'm used to stand
And if you're really in love,
you’ll allow me to take your hand.

Sin temor, poderte besar, To be able to kiss you without worry,
no importa los demás. nothing else matters.
Suena bien, pero es irreal It sounds nice, but its unreal
aquí, en este lugar. here in this place.

When I touch your ardent skin
I fell how the whole time and space vanishes
Cause you're a man of fields and towns[...]

[...]y tú un lobo de mar pasional.

I saw you last night, there in the main Street,
you were in very good company
I adore your face, smitten with your eyes
but I think it's time to start from scratch.

Donde estarás, Where could you be,
me pregunto si ya te habrás olvidado I ask myself whether

you could have already


de este colgado que estoy.

Two men can be together in love,
even what the people think about.
When I heard each of you regrets
with selfish excuses, I knew it was the end.

Juegas con facilidad,
nada tienes qué explicarles,
Gente de toda la vida que no sabe nada.

What I want I will try to catch,
no times to hesitate.
I am sure that I chose to be
as free as a seagull

Ahora que quiero arriesgar
nada tengo que apostarme, me da igual.
Solo sé que voy a seguir[...]

[...]I won’t I be anymore here

Vivimos para morir arrastrando un pecado.
En un mundo sin Dios
no hace falta seguir esas paridas.
(Hoy prefiero descansar.)
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