Song title
"Another Night (Yet Another Night)"
Original Upload Date
KAITO, Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin
SEIRI (music, lyrics, illust)
SoundCloud Broadcast

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

French English

"Get ready for another night, alright ?"

Packed against the backseats,
Let's cut through the dark
And never look back-
There's no red lights.

"Ready for tonight ?"
(As if we didn't just fight. )

Air so dense you can't even see your friends.
(- Now they're your friends ?)
Impossible to tell anything,
Yet, I'll pull on my red string.

"Wait- Wait !"

And now, the curtains are falling
Hiding our past as we're emptying every drinks.

(Ah !)

The sweetest of revenge
Would be to fall back to silence
And ignore all of this grievance.

If the truth wasn't so hard to hear
We wouldn't be here...

"I can't wait for us to have fun tonight !"
(You know it's not right. )

Once again we're trying to blend,
But it's all fake-
We're trying to mend.
(Give or Take.)

"On attend la paie."
On attend la paix* :-)

La plus douce des vengeances,
Est de m'abaisser au silence
En face de toutes tes doléances.

Je ne veux pas oublier tes péchés,
Mais, là, tu ne peux plus m'y obliger.

Je me rend compte qu'on nage en plein bade !

("I feel so bad...")

Wherever it's dark or light,
We'll dance, that's right.

(Even if the time is closing tight ?)
We can't just waste yet another night.

Eyes for eyes !
Our stoic minds lose all ties !
( Another fight )
Ha ha ha

Why are you filling my image with lies ?
( Another night )
Ha ha

And now, the curtains are up
And we are out there, destroying us with a gulp !

Sick of being drunken up ?
Let's come back next weekend... or tonight.

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