Song title
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Rin
CYBER DIVA (backing)
hagayui (music, lyrics)
CYVA ver: 40+
Rin verver: 300+ (YT), 90+ (NN)
Cyva ver: SoundCloud Broadcast
Rin ver: YouTube Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast


I don't even remmeber how I even got here
My hands play the guitar that played the songs they all hear
My voice isn't that great and yet I'm standing higher
--What am I supposed to sing?

They want to hear the songs that they can sing and dance to
But all the songs that I composed, I played it for you
I think of how far I've gotten, how far I've trodden
What was I supposed to bring?

 A melody begins to play
The fear is written on my face
I strum my fingers without haste
The music plays

Feelings that I seem to find I'd already left behind
Soaring like an eagle on the stage of colored lights
Watching as the cheers collide, I begin to love the ride
Across a sea of singing faces

Thinking you would also fly, I forget the feelings that
Spread a jolt through me as my adrenaline had kicked me high
Though I know my sings will never reach your ears or eyes...
That's alright.

I see my face on TV wherever I walk and
There's always secret microphones the times I talk and
I can't head anywhere nice without a crowd approaching
My life is smeone else's owning

My songs turned kinda cheesy and I hate it so but
It's what everyone's asking for so here I go...!
Looks like barely truly singing gets everyone going ...
I think I feel my heart exploding

The tree of our youth grows could
I feel my heartbeat growing cold
It seems my world's already sold
The crowd unfolds

Feelings that I used to get, twisted into dark regret
'I don't wanna live like this", I whine in my repent
Realizing it's over now, can I turn back time somehow?
--no, it's all turned sour now.

Thinking that it's over now, crying in my party gown.
What's it gona take to get the right words out!?
Screaming 'til my throat is dry, there's something in my eye...
Seeing white...

"Say the words you want to sing. Bring the words you want to bring."
I can hear your voice berating me during that day...
"Even if their cheers won't ring, give your voice your everything!"
I won't let all this sadness stay

I pick up my old guitar and run my fingers through
I can hear the chords to that old song I played with you
Jittering and shaking, the pen fumbles in my hands
I begin to slowly dance-
Time to play those chords again!

Feelings that i've left behind come again so redefined
Though they may not like it, it's not made for them, it's mine
Drowning in adrenaline, skipping on the groovy synths
strumming out my love for you is--

Even if this life is gone, I'll just start another one
And if they all hate it, well the damage has been done
Even if my songs will never reach your ears or eyes
that's alright.

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