Song title
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka
Jinsei-P (music, lyrics)
10,000+ (NN), 2,000+ (PP)
Niconico Broadcast / piapro Broadcast
YouTube Broadcast (reprint)


Whether I try to run away from the past
Yes I do and it has been
Chasing me yet will never release
I know I'm never able to erase it
So now I realized

I might lose something by changing
Though I know I should go ahead
'Cause there is no way if stay here
Take it away and break my shell
I'm gonna change
What view can I see and get that time

Rather to be hurt than keep stopping
I just wanna change myself
I'm not afraid of any pain
I know only I myself can help me
So now I just start to act
The only thing I should do is to advance

Ever I tried to run away from the past
Yes I did but I'm gonna be
Dragging everything I went through

I've been wavering all this time
But I don't any more
I made up my mind
Now it's time
I transform

The scenery behind me is loved
The scenery in front of me is blessed

It's my way
Go toward the brighter day
Get some new ways
Step for the next stage

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