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KAITO V3 Straight, Soft and Megurine Luka V4X Hard
EZFG (music, lyrics)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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Japanese Romaji English
いつも通りの朝がまた itsumodoori no asa ga mata Another morning as always has come,
澄んだ空気で 爽やかぶって sunda kuuki de sawayaka butte with its clear air and affected refreshingness.
振られることにも慣れ furareru koto ni mo nare I’ve gotten used to being turned down,
自棄的 斜めに見始めていた jikiteki naname ni mihajimeteita and I’ve started looking at everything cynically, hopelessly.

深層心理を読み解くような shinsou shinri o yomitoku you na Just when I was thoroughly fed up with being overly tense,
一度のミスが命取りな ichido no misu ga inochitori na as if always trying to read others’ unconscious mind,
張り詰め過ぎた 辟易の果てに haritsume sugita hekieki no hate ni as if a single mistake could cost me my life,
出会い accidentally deai accidentally we met, accidentally.

束ねた後ろ髪で tabaneta ushirogami de You hit my cheek violently
激しくこの頬ぶって hageshiku kono hoho butte with your hair tied on the back of your head.
痛みと香り残して itami to kaori nokoshite Leaving me with your scent and this pain,
新たな世界 見せたね arata na sekai miseta ne you’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world.

もしあの時 振り返らずに moshi ano toki furikaerazu ni If only I hadn’t turned around back then
与える喜び 知らずにいられたら ataeru yorokobi shirazu ni iraretara and could have remained oblivious to the joy I gave you…

いつも通りの朝なのに itsumodoori no asa na no ni It’s the same morning as always,
胸躍ってる まだ覚えてる mune odotteru mada oboeteru yet my heart is dancing in my chest, for I still remember it.
避けがちの現実に sakegachi no genjitsu ni I tended to avoid reality,
確かな力があること 気付いた tashika na chikara ga aru koto kizuita but now I’ve realized it does hold a definite power within it.

「希望」の文字が書けないなら “kibou” no moji ga kakenai nara If I can’t bring myself to write out the word “hope”;
絶望してたこの世ならば zetsubou shiteta kono yo naraba if I’ve already thoroughly despaired of this world,
どうして僕らはまた出会う doushite bokura wa mata deau then how come we’re coming across each other again?
怖いくらい accidentally kowai kurai accidentally Accidentally, frighteningly so.

束ねたふたつ髪で tabaneta futatsugami de With your hair tied in two,
激しく頬を連打して hageshiku hoho o renda shite you hit my cheeks repeatedly and violently.
そのカミワザで虚を衝いて sono kamiwaza de kyo o tsuite That superhuman feat took me by surprise,
マンネリから抜け出して manneri kara nukedashite and I was able to get out of the rut I’ve been stuck in.

欲しがる君に 高まる私 hoshigaru kimi ni takamaru watashi With you wanting it and me getting a kick out of it,
湧き出す思いに 塗れていられたら wakidasu omoi ni mamirete iraretara if only I could douse myself with the emotions gushing out of me.

僕らにしかわからない bokura ni shika wakaranai It’s something only we can understand.
善悪じゃ分けられない zen’aku ja wakerarenai It’s not something you can easily categorize as good or evil.
grayなplace 少しくらい gray na place sukoshi kurai It’s a little of a gray area.
お願いします if you don’t mind onegai shimasu if you don’t mind Please, if you don’t mind.

sympathy 思い込み sympathy omoikomi No matter whether it’s out of sympathy or misunderstanding,
どうでもいいから欲しい doudemo ii kara hoshii I don’t care—I just want it.
いつの間に so crazy itsunomani so crazy When did everything become so crazy?
hit me more, again and again

ゆらり 揺れる しなやかに yurari yureru shinayaka ni Gently fluttering, most gracefully.

束ねた後ろ髪で tabaneta ushirogami de Anyway, just hit my cheek
とにかくこの頬ぶって tonikaku kono hoho butte with the hair tied on the back of your head.
痛くない そんな程度で itakunai sonna teido de That level where it doesn’t hurt
もう満たされることもなくて mou mitasareru koto mo nakute is no longer enough to satisfy me.

愚かな程に 陥るふたり(この頬ぶって)(激しく頬を連打して) oroka na hodo ni ochiiru futari (kono hoho butte) (hageshiku hoho o renda shite) Almost foolishly, we’re falling in too deep. (Hit my cheek.) (Hit them repeatedly and violently.)
壊れ合う前に 何ができるだろう(とにかくこの頬ぶって) kowareau mae ni nani ga dekiru darou (tonikaku kono hoho butte) What can I do before both of us break down? (Anyway, just hit my cheek.)

痛みと香り残して itami to kaori nokoshite Leaving me with your scent and this pain,
姿 見せなくなったね sugata misenaku natta ne you’ve completely disappeared before me.
久しぶり 見かけた君 hisashiburi mikaketa kimi It’s been a while since I last saw you.
ショートヘアも似合うんだね shooto hea mo niaun da ne Short hair looks good on you, too.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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