Song title
"A reason to explore"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku and GUMI
RNG Silvercraft (music, lyrics)
Monmia (illust)
50+ (SC), 100+ (NN), 70+ (YT)
SoundCloud Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


shooting stars falling into the sea
i always know that sky has no limit
open the window so i can feel the wind
free myself in this world full of secret

i've been living in darkness for too long
all i want is the touch of the real world
and finally i've broken through my cage
step outside i will not gonna hesitate

there's a reason for me to believe in
there's a reason that keeps me from giving in
there's a reason that makes me wanna see
how big this world can possibly be

there's a reason that takes me to my dream
there's a reason that raise me up from here
there's a reason that tells me to keep running
to the end and everything

waterfalls pouring from the sky
into a river that flows to the other side
sitting on a boat along with my friends
going down to a land full of new things

where am i going i don't really care
everything's better with you by my side
no matter what the consequence will be
run and leap over the gap that stops me