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"a decayed garden sinks into the isolated sea"
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Kagamine Len
SOOOO (music, lyrics)
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CrystalP (mastering)
7,200+ (NN), 5,500+ (YT)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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Japanese Romaji English
脈は辛うじて生きている myaku wa karoujite ikite iru My heart is barely beating, just enough to keep myself alive.
堕とされた箱庭で公開自殺の時を待っている otosareta hakoniwa de koukai jisatsu no toki o matte iru I’m waiting for the moment of the public suicide, in this fairy garden I’ve been banished into.
忘れてはいけない wasurete wa ikenai I mustn’t forget
此処は誰もが同じ太陽の下 koko wa dare mo ga onaji taiyou no shita that at this place, everyone is under the same sun.

胸砕く悲しい顔が廃れていく mune kudaku kanashii kao ga sutarete iku The face with the kind of sadness that breaks one’s heart is decaying.
名ばかりのモラルもきっと崩れていく nabakari no moraru mo kitto kuzurete iku I bet the kind of morality that’s only in name is falling apart, too.

何故皆は無事に生きられるの? naze mina wa buji ni ikirareru no? How come everyone is able to live in peace,
僕の足は何かに捕らわれているのに boku no ashi wa nanika ni torawarete iru noni when my legs are bound up with something?
何故君は平気で生きられるの? naze kimi wa heiki de ikirareru no? How come you are able to live without a worry,
僕の眼は光で潰れかけているのに boku no me wa hikari de tsuburekakete iru noni when my eyes are on the verge of being crushed with the light?

地を這う蟲達はやがて首を喰らう chi o hau mushitachi wa yagate kubi o kurau Eventually, the worms crawling on the ground are going to bite into my neck.
枯れ木に毒を 切り口に水槽を kareki ni doku o kirikuchi ni suisou o Poison for the dead trees, and a water tank for the cuts.

きっと誰にも見えていない kitto dare ni mo mieteinai It must be that no one can see
開かれた異世界の住人 hirakareta i sekai no juunin the inhabitants of this newly opened up other world.
誰もが同じ太陽の下で dare mo ga onaji taiyou no shita de Everyone is under the same sun.

何故皆は無事に生きられるの? naze mina wa buji ni ikirareruno? How come everyone is able to live in peace,
僕の体はこんなに震えているのに boku no karada wa konna ni furuete iru noni when my body is trembling like this?
何故君は平気で生きられるの? naze kimi wa heiki de ikirareru no? How come you are able to live without a worry,
僕は生きる事さえ許されていないのに boku wa ikiru koto sae yurusarete inai noni when I’m not so much as allowed to live?

ねえ、長すぎる未来 nee, nagasugiru mirai Tell me, O the future that seems almost too long;
ねえ、沈み逝く記憶 nee, shizumi yuku kioku tell me, O memories that are sinking, fading away:

救われるって何だい? sukuwareru tte nan dai? What does it mean to be redeemed?

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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