Song title
"A Visit In Heaven"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka
Jordan Forester (music, lyrics, illust, tuning, mixing, mastering)
500+ (SC), 80+ (YT)
SoundCloud Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Mysterious fog surrounds me
How did I even got here?
Don't remember what quite happened
Mystery is in the air

My vision is getting hazy
So many questions arrived
Maybe some kind of force sent me
Here from a massive genocide

"Why is this place so bright?" I ask myself

Okay, I got no time
Time to move forward to see what's inside
Maybe I'll figure it out
Let's see
If I can get out
Of this foggy pile of holy light
That tries to lock me down

No one escapes this hazy maze
With no entrance or way out
But there's no time to doubt
I will return where I belong
And this force will not stop me
from setting myself free

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