Feral Words
Song title
"A Song That Sing At Once"
Original Upload Date
GUMI, Megurine Luka and YOHIOloid
Sander-P (music, lyrics)
300+ (YT), 100+ (NN)
YouTube Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast

Lyrics Edit

In the deepest forest where light no passes
was the sabbat of spirits of all kinds
and main question in this dark night
was a man who ruin us

no one see him no one know him
and only his presents catch up with the fear
were many hopes for tomorrow
that fortress will not destroyed again

Sigh severed by fate with hope for life
torn to little pieces and fall down
was it a star that looking for us
a million years from the far heights

impossible to be saved
impossible to escape
prediction of old prophets
come true again and again

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