ARequiem MJQ
Song title
"A Requiem"
Original Upload Date
MJQ (music, video)
Eri (lyrics)
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Stray winds blow downhill
slowing my climb up to death's door
You win this battle
I can't go on bearing this pain anymore

Why can't I be at peace
and live my life with relief

When reapers surround me I no longer run
the sound known as silence has finally begun
and when the snow falls, when everything gets cold
there will be no present warmth for me to hold

until the end
of this poor dying soul
Hear this requiem

The dance of the angels circling the shadows
they come for a song that's meant for me
with clothing all white and trumpets of gold
their voices all echo and they start to sing

a song mourning for me (mourning for me)
awaiting eternal peace

When angels start dancing I just stand my ground
the light lost within me has never been found
and when the sun rises I never will know
the reason for me smiling so long ago

is this the end?
of this poor dying soul
Hear this requiem

Eyes Open
Eyes wide open
I'm watching them, watching me, watching them

Breathing in
Breathing out
The door is in front of me wide open

I just walk on
then I fall to my knees
and see myself

When I start to cry I could no longer think
what deed have I done? What sorrow would it bring?
and when the sky brightens or when the sky dims
The door will stay open and I won't go in

it's not the end
of this poor dying soul
Hear this requiem
for you

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