Song title
"A Regretful Affair"
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka
Dysergy (music, lyrics, mixing, illust, mastering)
YouTube Broadcast


Haunted by the shadows that follow close behind
Why must they linger, why must they remind him?
What are they hoping to find?
The unforgiving darkness, the cold and bitter wind
With nowhere to go, no place left to call home
He and loneliness soon become friends

Her hair, her eyes, unforgettable lies
A story untold left to burn in the fire
His pain, his grin, unforgivable sin
Now her face just a ghost from within

Beyond the flickering lantern
Amid the dancing flame
A harrowing voice echoes out in the dark
As a warning, it whispers his name

Run, run faster past her haunting gaze
Feel, reel in the guiltiness you can't escape
Burn, burn with the scorching feelings of regret
Kneel, kneel in forgiveness that you beg

Without any warning came forth a silhouette
Shaking in fear as her face reappeared
Blood red lips smiled softly and said:

"I will haunt you always"
"I'll follow close behind"
"Always I'll linger, a constant reminder"
"A voice in the back of your mind"