A Devil’s Deal
Song title
"A Devil's Deal"
Original Upload Date
SONiKA and Fukase
galaxywxlf (music, lyrics)
10+ (SC), 10+ (YT)
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Singer SONiKA Fukase

everything was going fine
until you decided to drop by
a strange creature
following me
not letting me rest
until he heard me speak

humans are so strange today
don't you think the same?
i don't mean any harm to you
at least, not for now~

th-that's crazy! i won't believe it..

if you were to tell
my past self
a demon would come and haunt me?
i never would've believed it.
i thought they were fake..

let me stay and i'll make things better
your life won't be the same!
you can trust me, can't you see?
i hold your future in my hands

making deals with the devil
wasn't something i imagined
to be real
but here i am now
my life flipped upside down
into a strange existence

i'll bring you to my world of creatures
so very unlike you
you'll see them clear as day
in this uncanny land
of mysteries

it's the same as yours
they're all around as they were before
you just couldn't see

everything was going fine
until you came by and changed my life
you were something
i'd never seen
you didn't let me rest
until you heard me speak...