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*laughs* this isn't just an illusion

時を越えて Toki o koete Beyond the time,
音楽は鳴り響く whoa Ongaku wa narihibiku whoa The music resounds whoa
ひとつひとつ Hitotsu hitotsu It is the waves of the sounds
奏でてゆく音の波 Kanadete yuku oto no nami We play one by one

The music is in you,
It’s in me.
Many different beats and melodies,
makes us live.

Aquí estás, vagando por la vida, Here you are, a wanderer in life,
olvídate de buscar una salida, forget about finding an exit,
¿Estás perdida? ¡Descuida! Are you lost? Don't worry!
No hay nota que sea prohibida. there's no forbidden musical note
Las palabras hacen eco en tu mente, Words echo in your mind
atrapadas en tu boca, así se siente. Trapped in your mouth, that's how it feels
De tí los versos nacen tímidamente, Verses are born shyly from you,
¡No lo dudes! Tu alma no te miente. Have no doubt! your soul doesn't lie
En la inquietud está la clave, Restlessness is the key
el conocimiento es nuestra llave. knowledge is the key
De tí depende cómo esto acabe, It's up to you how this ends,
la razón eres tú quien la sabe. the reason, you are the one who knows it
Es momento que pongas atención, It's time for you to pay attention
no te olvides de tu motivación. Don't forget your motivation
Te llevaré hacia otra dimensión, I'll take you to another dimension
donde el sonido produce emoción. Where sounds provokes emotion

Your body is filled with energy,
It triggers all your memories,
Don't forget! you're not alone
The love for music will fill your soul

The music is in you,
It’s in me.
Many different beats and melodies,
makes us live.

いつでも音は生まれてる Itsudemo oto wa umareteru Sounds are born
みんなの心の奥で Minna no kokoro no oku de deep in everyone’s heart at any time
あなたのつむぐその音が Anata no tsumugu sono ne ga The sounds you play
世界に響く Sekai ni hibiku will ring throughout the world

La música no es cuestión de talento Music isn't about talent,
Es algo más, es un sentimiento it's something else, it's a feeling
¡Es verdad! no creas que te miento It's true! don't believe I'm lying
si te digo que no es un invento. if you think I'm making this up
Es como un sueño entregando alegría, It's like a dream that gives happiness,
vive con nosotros, nos dá la energía. lives with us, gives us energy.
Puede ser una delicada melodía, It can be a delicate melody
Acompañada por una bella poesía. Accompanied by beautiful poetry
Emociones acompañan vuestro canto, Emotions accompany your singing
nuevos elementos son un adelanto. new elements are ahead
Cada ritmo tiene su propio encanto, Each rhythm has its own charm,
cada sonido bajo un mismo manto. Each sound under its own cape.
La puedes ver de manera pragmática, You can see it pragmatically,
y entender su forma lingüística. and understand its linguistic form.
Aunque tiene su razón filosófica, Although it has its philosophical reason,
porque Tú y Yo, Todos somos música Because you and I, we all are music.

Can you feel the flow?
Only you will know!
When music comes around,
With every little sound.

It's time for you to pay attention,
Don't forget your motivation.
I'll take you to another dimension,
Where there is no need for redemption.

The music
Is connecting
You and Me
We are together
To reach the same dream

Its beauty,
Is more than I can imagine
The sound it brings to the world
Is sweet harmony
The music is in you,
It’s in me.
Many different beats and melodies,
makes us live.

It’s in you, It’s in me (x8)

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