Song title
Original Upload Date
GUMI, KAITO, and Camui Gackpo
Caprice (music, lyrics, illust, video)
Clker (background image)
LAWFUL, Scarletta Agni (character design consultation)
YouTube Broadcast


Within the middle of this world
Monopolized by the ones
With a figure that gave it up
Bent out of shape by the ones he told

Could it be
That when somebody talks to me
They don't remember my name
Or anything interesting
That makes me more than just a dream

Do you like these visions?
I need someone to make them real
And you seem like the person who'd do this
Just a little thing and I'll do something in return

I can make you what you always want to be
If you'll be a world-fixer...

Billions of people
Who never got to feel how we are feeling in our dreams
Back how it used to be, nothing's set in stone
But now, people never can change

That's why you and I together
Are gonna have to be the world-fixers in the end
Back in the olden days, nothing's set in stone
But now people never can know anything else

Within the thoughts you always thought
You always wanted to see
A person that's just like me
In the realm of impossibility

Could it be that when somebody talks to me
Their dreams are brought to truth?
Can you promise me the world will be fen?

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