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Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len
Monstrosity (music, lyrics, tuning)
Magical Rye (mix, vocal rendering)
12,000+ (SC), 59,000+ (YT), 700+ (NN)
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Singer Rin Len Both

Lilies in my dreams
Talking, as it seems
Reveries at the seams
Follow the insect theme

It is quite divine
Eyes on the top of vines
It'll break a human's mind
Gather 'round, fauna-flora

Add ants to make it more
They're just plants, there's no gore
Crawling around the floor
Growing teeth just like a boar's

It is quite a sight
Clawed weeds are gaining height
Fight through them, though you might
Gather 'round, insectivora

One, Two, the ants go marching onwards
Into a world headed towards
A paradise
Of green ambitious vice

Say what you will about me
I can make all of them scream
Were you ever taught
Of things that cannot rot?

Rose thorns that burn you
Never at the zoo
They can crush, they can chew
On that day that they will rule

They're all my design
Though they're just not refined
Mammals left behind
The plants are my priority

One two three four
Here we go into
Fusion of those things
A- a- a- again

Why can't she just
Enjoy the view
Of nature like how
It is meant to be, ah

Things that splinter
Things that shatter
Thing you may
Never ever ever wanna see

Growing lungs and
Growing tongues and
Now my skin's
Crawlin' crawlin' crawlin' in fear

Why, oh why
Oh why, oh why,
Did you return here?

Three, four, the ants go slaying thousands
And shred the world into strands
Don't you dare
Go and crush my dreams

Let it all rain down into your heart
It is all just a new art
Though, in the air
The spores just do not care

Five, six, the ants go dying henceforth
Until I choose the right course
But I can't see
It all has just blinded me

Towards my throat is where the vines shot
I'm not who they should have fought
If it's the end
This is how I'd like it

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