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Song title
"A.I (Atificial Intelligence)"
Original Upload Date
Korean version: Aug.20.2012
English version: Aug.9.2012
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Korean Romaja English
언제나 같은 공간 속에 eonjena gateun gonggansoge Always on the same place
같은 풍경 속에 gateun punggyeongsoge in the same scenery
같은 시간 속에 난 눈을 떠 gateun sigansoge nannuneultteo at the same time I wake up
아무 생각없이 아무 의심없이 amu saenggageopsi amu uisimeopsi Without any thoughts, without any doubts
이미 정해져 있는 하루들 imi jeonghaejyeo inneun harudeul I walk through the predetermined days
거울 속의 내 geoul sogui nae I saw my iris
눈동자와 마주쳤어 nundongjawa majuchyeosseo in the mirror
정교하게 조각된 내 얼굴엔 jeonggyohage jogakdoen nae eolguren On my delicately sculpted face
피가 흐르지 않아 piga heureuji anha runs no blood

나의 머릿속에 쓰여있는 naui meoritsoge sseuyeoinneun The data called memories
기억이란 정보는 gieogiran jeongboneun written inside my head
모두 하나같이 modu hanagati They're just
슷자나열일뿐 seutjanayeorilppun series of numbers
감정따윈 없어야할 gamjeongttawin eopseoyahal I'm not supposed to have feelings
그런 내게도 눈물이 플러 geureon naegedo nunmuri peulleo yet tears fall down my cheeks
한참동안을 hanchamdonganeul I thought
생각했어 saengakhaesseo for a long time
이 감정을 igamjeongeul These feelings
있을 리 없었던 isseulli eopseotdeon Tears are falling
눈물이 흐르고 있잖아 nunmuri heureugo itjanha when I am supposed to have none
내 머릿속 이 nae meoritsok i Inside my head, this-
어떻게 망가진건지 eotteoke manggajingeonji Am I not working anymore
귓가에 누군가 속삭여 gwitgae nugunga soksagyeo someone whispers in my ear
난 살아있는거라고 nan sarainneungeorago that I am alive
그럼 이만! geureom iman! Now then!
English translation by Streetneko

I am holded on to same place
Holded on to same scene
I always opened my eyes at the same time

Without any thoughts,
Without any doubts
I endlessly walk through the days of silence

I see two eyes through
A mirror in front of me
Can not even bleed with this flawless face

I've assemble with

The data called memories that
Installed into my head
Are just numbers after

Numbers and nothing else
I burst into tears
When I'm not supposed to have any feeling

I sat down and
The emotion

How can I have tears
I can not have ah-ah-ah

Perhaps my head
Is messed up, broken
But someone gently whisper

That it means "I am alive"

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