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Song title
Romaji: 7 Kara 8 e
English: From 7 to 8
Original Upload Date
October 22, 2012
Powapowa-P (music, lyrics)
Hakunetsutou (illustration)
78,000+ (NN), 2,600+ (YT)
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Japanese Romaji English
ある日を境目に立ちすくんで言った aru hi o sakaime ni tachisukunde itta As I’m stuck in the same place, unable to move on since that day,
このままどこか消えちまおうって kono mama doko ka kiechimaou tte I said: “Maybe we might as well just vanish from here.”
笑いながら立ってる君の耳には warai nagara tatteru kimi no mimi ni wa You’re just standing there, laughing.
聞こえもしないのに僕はそう言う kikoe mo shinai noni boku wa sou iu My words won’t enter your ears, yet I still say them.
すると suruto Just then,
きみがいたそこに隕石が kimi ga ita soko ni inseki ga a meteorite falls at the very spot where you were.

くたびれた過去を言葉で綴った kutabireta kako o kotoba de tsuzutta I tried to patch together my threadbare past with what words I had,
それで何か満たされる気がした sore de nani ka mitasareru ki ga shita to somehow give me a sense of fulfillment.
腐れてくだけ腐れていくんだ kusareteku dake kusarete iku n da It’s just gonna go on rotting until there’s nothing left,
それでいいと決めつけで言う sore de ii to kimetsuke de iu but I’ve decided for myself that I’m good with that.
やがて yagate And eventually,
君がいたそこに僕だけが kimi ga ita soko ni boku dake ga I’d be the only one left where you used to be.

痛みさえ言葉にして歌う僕がさ itami sae kotoba ni shite utau boku ga sa See, I’m the kind of guy who’d turn his pains into songs.
疚しくて卑しく思えてきたんだ yamashikute iyashiku omoete kita n da I’ve come to feel so ashamed, so disgusted with myself.

いずれ此処に居る理由を知るのさ izure koko ni iru riyuu o shiru no sa One day, I’m going to understand the reason why I’m here.
僕はまた嘘だけで作られた体で boku wa mata uso dake de tsukurareta karada de With this self made up of nothing but lies, I’ve fallen back into the habit
これからは、なんて言ってみたりしてさ korekara wa, nante itte mitarishite sa of saying things like, “From now on, I’m gonna…”

歌にさえ出来ないようなそれを信じて uta ni sae dekinai you na sore o shinjite Believing in that something I can’t even put into my songs,
掴むその手にあるのは tsukamu sono te ni aru no wa I reach out my hand to grasp--
誰の手か dare no te ka whose hand is it?

English translation by Hazuki no Yume


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