Song title
"6 Feet Apart"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Megurine Luka
Akihito-P (music, lyrics, mixing, tuning)
Skye, Jack S (lyrics)
Jjinomu (MMD models)
SoundCloud Broadcast


Japanese Romaji Official English

What do we do with this time we have now
Without a plan or a guide to be found
It's getting harder with each passing day
but stick around don't you fade away

What do we do with this time we have now
Losing our minds cause we're stuck in the house
If we could just go back do it right from the start
But now we're stuck sitting 6 feet apart

この部屋で出て自由になりたい、 kono heya de dete jiyuu ni naritai, waiting just to be free again
外の世界のあれを見たいsunshine soto no sekai no are o mitai sunshine just longing to see the sunshine

(when all is over, i'll be waiting here)

You're so close but far away
I'm filled with loneliness
Cause you're all that I can see right now
And there's nothing I can do but say

If only there was a way to break down this wall
Cause my heart is breaking
When we can't touch at all

I'm needing you constantly
I'm suffering withdraw
Cause you are so far away right now
But you are needed right here with me

We should have been together right from the start
Cause I can't stand to see you
When we're six feet apart

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