Song title
Romaji: Shigatsu Yonjuuyonnichi
English: April 44th
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len
Kou (lyrics, music)
Shou (music)
110,000+ (NN), 52,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
小さな白い体温 chiisana shiroi taion The tiny, pale body
大きな黒い太陽 ookina kuroi taiyou warmth kept leaning
傾けてく溶け合った katamuketeku tokeatta and blending with the big, dark sun.
気付かないふり kizukanai furi I pretend not to notice.
好きじゃないふり suki ja nai furi I pretend not to feel a thing.
隠した顔が麻痺した kakushita kao ga mahi shita My face was numb as I hid it away.

この街に行こう kono machi ni ikou Let’s go to this town.
この山に行こう kono yama ni ikou Let’s go to this other mountain.
切り出すと怒られた kiridasu to okorareta You were mad at me when I suggested,
静かになれば手を引く君が shizuka ni nareba te o hiku kimi ga but once things had quieted down, you’d be the one to pull me along,
どうしようもなく愛しくて dou shiyou mo naku itoshikute and I can’t help feeling how precious you are to me.

少女は古い本を読んだ shōjo wa furui hon o yonda The girl used to read an old book,
小さな願い叶えましょう chiisana negai kanaemashou hoping that her little wish would be granted.
甘美な果実閉じ込められた kanbina kajitsu tojikomerareta The sweet fruit of her love was thus imprisoned
8月に hachigatsu ni within the month of August.

求め過ぎたのは罪ですか motomesugita no wa tsumi desu ka Was it a sin that I wished for too much?
探しても君が”存在し(い)”ない sagashite mo kimi ga ”i” nai Try as I might, I can’t find you anywhere.
解けかけた愛の糸を断つ tokekaketa ai no ito o tatsu You’ve severed the thread of our love, already on the verge of unraveling.
もしも僕が代わりに為るならば moshimo boku ga kawari ni naru naraba If I could take your place for you,
今僕よ消えて ima boku yo kiete then let me disappear right now.
答えてよ kotaete yo Answer me.
答えてよ kotaete yo Answer me.
悲しい声は何度も気を掠めた kanashii koe wa nando mo ki o kasumeta That heart-wrenching voice kept tormenting me.

目を開けてみた君のいない部屋 me o aketemita kimi no inai heya I opened my eyes in a room without you.
夢の中の言葉が yume no naka no kotoba ga The words I heard in my dream
温い耳に刃を当てて nukui mimi ni ha o atete were like a knife put to my dull ears.
憐れな僕を脅した awarena boku o odoshita They threatened me while I was completely helpless.

母さんが古い本を見せた kaasan ga furui hon o miseta My mom showed me an old book.
見覚えの無い汚い本 mioboe no nai kitanai hon It’s a dirty book I don’t remember having ever seen before,
そこに書いた文字の形が soko ni kaita moji no katachi ga but I loved
好きだった suki datta the handwriting in that book.

時をこえて少年は愛を知る toki o koete shounen wa ai o shiru As time went by, the boy has come to know of love.
幸せを満たしてく shiawase o mitashiteku His happiness grows day by day.
優しい人は誰かに似てたんだ yasashii hito wa dareka ni nitetan da The gentle woman I love reminds me of someone.
お腹の中に触れた onaka no naka ni fureta His fleeting, feeble memory
脆くて弱いその記憶は morokute yowai sono kioku wa of feeling something inside her belly
消えて消えて繰り返す kiete kiete kurikaesu keeps fading away and coming back.
僕が終わるそれで済むなら boku ga owaru sore de sumu nara If I could resolve everything by bringing an end to myself…

僕と彼女に宿る命 boku to kanojo ni yadoru inochi The life residing in her
流れてく nagareteku is bleeding away,
流れてく nagareteku bleeding away.
4月にはまだ声が消えて shigatsu ni wa mada koe ga kiete It’s not yet April, and that voice is gone for good.

空は sora wa The sky was
哭いて naite weeping as Sora
馬鹿な筆を当てた bakana fude o ateta foolishly put his pen to paper.

聞きたい知らない声を kikitai shiranai koe o I just want to hear that voice, as yet unknown to me.
生きたい会いたい ikitai aitai I want to live, and I want to
あの春の ano haru no meet that person.
笑う顔が見たくて、ただ。 warau kao ga mitakute, tada. I want to see the smile I saw that spring. That’s all.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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