24 Jikan Ikirareru Ticket
Song title
Romaji: 24 Jikan Ikirareru Chiketto
English: 24-Hour Life Tickets
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Shitoo (music, lyrics, illust, PV)
13,000+ (NN), 29,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
いつの間にか持っていた 生命のチケットの itsu no ma ni ka motte ita inochi no chiketto no For a while now, I’ve had these life tickets,
代金はどうやら 「幸せ」だったみたい daikin wa douyara “shiawase” datta mitai and the price for them seems to be my “happiness.”
これを使えば「24時間だけ生きていられる」 kore o tsukaeba “nijuuyo jikan dake ikite irareru” By using these, I get to “live for exactly 24 hours.”
そんな素敵なチケット sonna suteki na chiketto Such is the effect of these amazing tickets.

君に出会いまして 世界は輝いて kimi ni deaimashite sekai wa kagayaite Ever since I met you, my world has become brighter.
私はどうやら幸せであるらしい watashi wa douyara shiawase de aru rashii I guess it’s made me happy.
山積みだったはずの生命のチケットを yamazumi datta hazu no inochi no chiketto o Now I’m getting scared whenever I hand over to God
神様に渡すたびに恐くなっていった kamisama ni watasu tabi ni kowaku natte itta one of those life tickets I used to have so many of.

あと何日 あと何日でしょう ato nannichi ato nannichi deshou How many days—how many days do I have left
君に「おはよう」なんて言えるのは kimi ni “ohayou” nante ieru no wa to say “good morning” to you?
あと何回 何回君に伝えたら ato nankai nankai kimi ni tsutaetara How many times—how many more times must I tell you
「好きだよ」って気持ち 受け取ってくれる? “suki da yo” tte kimochi uketotte kureru? for you to understand that I love you?

いつの間にかもう数枚 生命のチケットが itsu no ma ni ka mou suumai inochi no chiketto ga I didn’t realize there are only a few left of these tickets.
なくなったら私 死んでしまうのかな naku nattara watashi shinde shimau no kana Will I die once I’ve run out of them?
悲しくなるかな? 君は強がりで kanashiku naru kana? kimi wa tsuyogari de Will you be sad? You never like showing your weak side,
でも優しいから きっと一人になるだろう demo yasashii kara kitto hitori ni naru darou but you’re so gentle. I guess you’ll end up being all by yourself.

君が好きだよ ずっといつまでも kimi ga suki da yo zutto itsumademo I love you. Always have. Always will.
神様はきっといじわるなんだろうな kamisama wa kitto ijiwaru nan darou na God is so mean, indeed.
もう一日だけ 君と過ごしたくて mou ichinichi dake kimi to sugoshitakute I wanted to spend just one more day with you,
手を伸ばしたのは 最後の一枚で te o nobashita no wa saigo no ichimai de and so I reached out—for the last ticket.

あと1回 今日が最後だ ato ikkai kyou ga saigo da Just once more. Today is the last time
君と過ごすきらきらの世界 kimi to sugosu kirakira no sekai I’ll get to spend with you in this sparkling world.
でもなんで なんで 最後なのにな demo nande nande saigo na no ni na But why is it, why is it that even when this is the last time,
「好きだよ」って言葉 伝えられないの “suki da yo” tte kotoba tsutaerarenai no I still can’t bring myself to tell you that I love you?

「また明日 寝坊しないで」と “mata ashita nebou shinai de” to “See you tomorrow. Don’t oversleep.”
君は背中向けて歩き出す kimi wa senaka mukete arukidasu You turned your back to me and started walking away.
あと何日 何年あっても足りないな ato nannichi nannen atte mo tarinai na I guess it won’t be enough, no matter how many more days or years I have.
明日なんて来ない わかってるのに ashita nante konai wakatteru no ni Even when I know I won’t even have tomorrow.

あと何回 あと何回でも ato nankai ato nankai demo I want to hear you say “good morning”
君に「おはよう」なんて言ってほしい kimi ni “ohayou” nante itte hoshii many, many more times.
あと何回 何回怒られたって ato nankai nankai okoraretatte Even if you’d get mad at me again and again,
手を繋ぎたい 傍にいたいよ te o tsunagitai soba ni itai yo I still want to hold hands with you, to be by your side.
ねえずっとずっと 君が好きでした nee zutto zutto kimi ga suki deshita I’ve loved you all this time.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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