Song title
"21st Century"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Hatsu-P (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast / Bandcamp Broadcast


Ahh!! It's so boring to be alive
My only friend's a shadow
Of this cruel and shitty reality..

Love and feeling, Hate and killing
I can't seem to " fit in "
Love and feeling, Hate and killing
It's a nonsense.. THERE IS NO SENSE!!

Ahh!! What the fuck is wrong with this world?!
As I can't find a meaning..
Yet you say " I don't believe in this game "

Fucking world won't set me free
Will it "kill" or let me be?
Why it's painful to be here?
In 21st century

Only hate, no one's free
People fighting for their " needs "
call me weak if you wish
I'm not getting on my knees

The corruption's all you cause
Are you waiting for applause?!
You expect me to be nice
after you destroyed my "Light"?!

Show your teeth, I'll show my claws!
Don't you say "it's just because.."
There's no use for this excuse
I still hate you saying "You're free."

Am I .. ? Or.. Maybe not ?? I can tell.. It's bullshit..

It's a Fight to determine who's right
Ain't following your " guide " as it's full of sharp knives
You can only criticize to make yourself feel "glorified"
Pointing out my old mistakes to fuel up your EGO TANK!

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