1UP Suicide
Song title
"1UP Suicide"
Ghosts in the Forest
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Powapowa-P (music, lyrics)
Tanaka Yasu (movie)
Nishijima Daisuke (illust)
44,000+ (NN), 78,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
言葉にぬくもり持つ 午前3時 kotoba ni nukumori motsu gozen sanji 3 AM. Finding the warmth inherent in words.
暖かさ忘れた 午後12時 atatakasa wasureta gogo juuniji 12 PM. Completely forgetting that warmth.
有り難みの無い言葉 受け取って arigatami no nai kotoba uketotte Every day, we go through the motion of living
ありがちに過ごしてきた 毎日 arigachi ni sugoshite kita mainichi While surrounded with entirely insincere words.
赦し 赦され 僕らは其処に居たのだろう yurushi yurusare bokura wa koko ni ita no darou Perhaps the purpose of our being here is to forgive, and be forgiven.

君を好きな"ヒト"も kimi o suki na "hito" mo The “people” who like you;
君を嫌いな"ヒト"も kimi o kirai na "hito" mo The “people” who hate you;
どちらでもない"ヒト"も dochira demo nai "hito" mo The “people” who don’t feel anything in particular—
すべて僕でした subete boku deshita All of that was me.
知らない君があって shiranai kimi ga atte There’s a part of you unknown to us.
知らない僕もあって shiranai boku mo atte There’s also a part of me unknown to us.
知らない世界もあって shiranai sekai mo atte And there’s a whole world unknown to us.
すべて僕でした subete boku deshita But all of that was me.

世界から見放されること無く sekai kara mihanasareru koto naku I’m giving up on this world myself
僕から世界を見放している boku kara sekai o mihanashite iru Before it has a chance to give up on me.
よくわからないと君は言うけど yoku wakaranai to kimi wa iu kedo You said you don’t really get it,
わたしはすべてを赦してあげる watashi wa subete o yurushite ageru But you promised to forgive me for everything.
赦し 赦され 僕らは其処に居たのだろう yurushi yurusare bokura wa koko ni ita no darou Perhaps the purpose of our being here is to forgive, and be forgiven.

"僕"をやめた僕も "boku" o yameta boku mo The person I become once I’ve given up on myself;
明日食べる夕飯も ashita taberu yuuhan mo The dinner I’m going to have tomorrow;
廻る世界ですら mawaru sekai de sura Or even this spinning world—
意味を成さなくなる imi o nasa naku naru Nothing has any meaning anymore.
それを知っていたら sore o shitte itara Had I known that…
それを知っていたら sore o shitte itara Had I known that…
きっと"明日"もこない kitto "asu" mo konai Then all of this would be a joke,
笑い話さ!! waraibanashi sa!! And I’m sure there won’t even be a “tomorrow”!!

きっとあたりまえだね kitto atarimae da ne It must be so obvious.
空は 空は とても黒くて sora wa sora wa totemo kurokute The sky, oh, the sky is so, so dark.
ずっと知らずに居たよ zutto shirazu ni ita yo Yet I’ve gone through life without realizing.
君と 君と 今の今まで kimi to kimi to ima no ima made All this time, with you, with you…
僕は"僕"で... boku wa "boku" de... And with me being “me”…

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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