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Kenji-B (music)
Ryan Estrada (lyrics)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

We're the thieves who stole the keys.
Now the internet is history.
We’ll protect it
'til it’s disconnected,
and we'll solve your mystery.

We took the plan into our own hands.
Next, we'll set the internet free.
That’s right, we are The Zero Knights.
And we stopped the monopoly.

Yeah, we stopped the monopoly.
Oh, we stopped the monopoly.

WHO IS this private company
with the web under lock and key?
Board members picked in secrecy
supposed to be temporary

But rather than democracy
they vote to rule permanently
Votes will be taken for a fee
the choice reviewed by nobody

They're stand-ins for the D.O.C.
but act irresponsibly
They play for favorites, not neutrally,
to disgusting degrees

Helping political elites
seize domains from their enemies
and helping the wealthiest companies
pre-claim new TLDs

Helped the most predatory
extort blackmail money
From any big company
with intellectual property.

They skim 18 cents annually
From every domain you see.
In order to make the web free
We must end the oligarchy!

That’s why the thieves stole the keys.
Not to make the internet ours.
ICANN holds too much control
So we’re removing them from power.

Those keys are what they need
To enact their protocol.
They meet up every three months
Or else they lose it all.

We did what was required
to make the DNS expire.
In our success we feel great pride.

Things have happened that we hadn't foreseen
But in war there's always casualties.
Sorry about everyone who died.

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