Song title
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AVANNA and Fukase
Joshua Lee (music, lyrics, illust)
100+ (SC), 200+ (YT)
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Dear heart,
You can only cry so hard
Before you tear apart

Dear heart,
Time to brush off
all the dirt's that's
on your only shirt
and wash the stains away
sew the holes on all your clothes
wear it proudly when you
Live to see another day
and keep in mind
that this is far from over
so you might as well get those weights off your shoulders

'cuz nothing ever last forever
not even our misery and the suffering that we must endure
so close your eyes and have some rest
slow down the beating's that's on your chest and
sleep the night away

Maybe it is just karma passing by
and maybe I deserve what came my way
but I believe that all of those are not in vain
So when things like these come every now and then
persevere, my dear friend
persevere, my dear friend
for it is barely the end
keep alive the fire
hold to your desire
'cuz no one else can get you to go through other than you

and I ran out of words
just to tell you that it might be
too early to give up
though I know it is still easy to say than to do
so I guess I'll leave that up to you