Song title
"(It's) Killing you Slowly"
Original Upload Date
Hanpatsu-P (music, lyrics)
Toxi (mixing)
500+ (SC), 700+ (YT)
SoundCloud Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Late at night, you hear some strange noise wake you
"Wonder what it is" you think silently

Tiptoe slow so you don't draw attention
Your heart begins racing as it draws near

Halls start to seem like a giant maze
Which way shall I go? (way should I go?)

Cackles are heard, they drive you insane
You shout and scream out but nobody bothers to listen

"Why so scared my dear? I'm here to protect you... Don't you fret..."
Why does this feel weird? It's so soothing, but then... It doesn't feel right...

Restless fits keep you wide awake in bed
"How come I can't sleep?" You whisper softly

Glancing at your window a shadow stalks watching over you, feeling safe and sound

Dizzy, tired, your senses are weak
"I can't concentrate, I can't focus... Where am I?"

Crawling, wrapping around your body
The lights flicker out and you black out to manic laughter

"Why so weary dear? The party is so near... Won't you join us?"
Fooled, you join the dance; losing it to the beat
"You're magnificent..."

Long ago, legend told of a monster enchanting people and then killing them
"However, that is just an urban myth"
That is what they say before they are killed

Pounding louder, the music turns foul
All sense has been lost while crooked faces laugh out

"Faster, faster!" They order at you
"I can't do this no more, I fear I'm pushing on daisies..."

"Stop this all at once... What's happening to me? Why... Can't I see?"
Chains or cords what's this?
Guess I'm part of the "game"
Won't you join us?