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Romaji: Ringo uri no Utakata Shoujo
English: The Transient Apple Salesgirl
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English version: Nov.17.2017
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Japanese Romaji English
遠い遠い時の果て そこに住まう人は皆 Tooi tooi toki no hate soko ni sumau hito wa minna This is a tale at the far ends of time,
永遠の命をもつ世界での話 Eien no inochi o motsu sekai de no hanashi In a place where people have eternal life...
赤い実の成る木の下 La La Lu La 生まれながらに Akai mi no naru ki no shita La La Lu La umarenagara ni This is a tale of a girl (la la lu la), born under a tree bearing red fruit,
死の呪いがかけられた少女の話 Shi no noroi ga kakerareta shoujo no hanashi Who was thus cursed with the fate of death...

色付いた街外れ 蒼く光る湖畔 赤い実のお菓子屋 Irozuita machi hazure aoku hikaru kohan akai mi no okashiya On the colored outskirts, by a sparkling blue lake, there was a bakery of red fruit
ちょっぴり寒くなった今日は妙に誇らしげ 自信作を売りにゆく Choppiri samuku natta kyou wa myou ni hokorashige jishinsaku o uri ni yuku Feeling unusually proud on this chilly day, the girl went to sell her confections
待ってて 今度こそ 美味しいんだから Mattete kondo koso oishiin dakara This'll be the day, you'll see - they're very tasty...

時計塔の見える市 驚いた Tokeitou no mieru ichi odoroita She found the city of the clock tower
珍しく賑やかね La La Lu La Lucky!! Mezurashiku nigiyaka ne La La Lu La Lucky!! To be unusually busy; la la lu la lucky!!
物憂げな街の隅 ひとり Monougena machi no sumi hitori Alone in the gloomy corners of town;
赤い実のパイどうですか 自信作なの Akai mi no pai dou desu ka jishinsaku nano How about some red-fruit pie? I made it myself!

そんなのひとつも売れないさ 少女を見て蔑む人達 Sonna no hitotsu mo urenai sa shoujo o mite sagesumu hito tachi But not a single one would sell; the people scorned the girl
みんなと何も変わらないのに 美味しくできたのに Minna to nanimo kawaranai no ni oishiku dekita no ni But I'm no different from you all... And they're so delicious...

今日も声は届かないのね Kyou mo koe wa todokanai no ne Once again, my voice falls short;
まるで透明になったみたいだわ Maru de toumei ni natta mitai da wa It's as if I'm simply invisible...
そうして誰もが知らぬ振りをした Soushite daremo ga shiranu furi o shita Such is how everyone feigned ignorance,
何故なら少女は呪われているから Nazenara shoujo wa norowareteiru kara Because the girl was cursed...
死んだ世界で唯ひとり生きていた少女の話 Shinda sekai de tada hitori ikite ita shoujo no hanashi A tale of a dead world, where only one girl lived...

夜なべでアレンジパイと にっこりスマイル引っ提げ Yonabe de arenji pai to nikkori sumairu hissage That night, she prepared assorted pies and a big smile;
少女はまだ諦めない Shoujo wa mada akiramenai The girl would not yet give up
時計塔の針も空を指して お腹も鳴るそんな時 Tokeitou no hari mo sora o sashite onaka o naru sonna toki Even the clock hands pointed skyward, and as her stomach rumbled...

ふと後ろから人が少女を押す 甘い籠は落ちる Futo ushiro kara hito ga shoujo o osu amai kago wa ochiru Suddenly, she was pushed from behind, her sweet basket fell to the ground
お菓子を踏み行く人達 平気な顔してさ Okashi o fumiyuku hito tachi heiki na kao shite sa People trampled her confections without even a care...
惨めに拾い集める ふともうひとりの手が Mijime ni hiroiatsumeru futo mou hitori no te ga Miserably she gathered them, when another hand reached out;
どろどろのパイを徐に口に入れて 「おいしいね」 Dorodoro no pai o omomuro ni kuchi ni irete "Oishii ne" He gently put a muddled pie in his mouth - "It's delicious..."

その声で心は溢れた Sono koe de kokoro wa afureta His words made my heart overflow,
まるで輪郭を描いたみたいだわ Maru de rinkaku o egaita mitai da wa As if he'd given me a place for it to fill...
そうして彼は手を差し出した Soushite kare wa te o sashidashita Such is how he reached out to her,
何故なら少女に呪われているから Nazenara shoujo ni norowarete iru kara Because the girl had cursed him...
死んだ世界で唯ふたり生きていた遠い物語 Shinda sekai de tada futari ikite ita tooi monogatari A distant story of a dead world, where only two lived...

街の人達は哀れむ 赤い実を食べて呪われた者を Machi no hito tachi wa awaremu akai mi o tabete norowareta mono o The townspeople pitied them; those who were cursed by the red fruit
永遠に生きられずに死ぬのさ 嗚呼なんて可哀想な話 Eien ni ikirarezu ni shinu no sa aa nante kawaisou na hanashi Would not live forever, but die instead... Ah, what a tragic tale...

ふたりは笑う それでも笑う Futari wa warau sore demo warau But the two laughed, yes, they laughed still
La La La とっても素敵な呪いね La La La tottemo suteki na noroi ne La la la - It's such a wonderful curse
例え明日死んでも 『今』が確かで大切になるから Tatoe ashita shinde mo "ima" ga tashika de taisetsu ni naru kara Even if we die tomorrow, we can easily treasure the "now"...

もう声は届かないのね Mou koe wa todokanai no ne I suppose my voice will always fall short;
まるで透明になったみたいだわ Maru de toumei ni natta mitai da wa It's as if I'm simply invisible...
そうして誰もが知らぬ振りをした Soushite daremo ga shiranu furi o shita Such is how everyone feigned ignorance,
何故なら世界が呪われているから Naze nara sekai ga norowarete iru kara Because the world was cursed...,

『永遠』の呪いは解かれていた "Eien" no noroi wa tokarete ita Having been rid of the curse of "eternity,"
まるでふたりの方が狂ったみたいだろう Marude futari no hou ga kurutta mitai darou It must have seemed they were the ones gone mad...
そうしていつか笑うように眠る Soushite itsuka warau you ni nemuru And so they slept, intending to smile,
何故ならふたりは放たれているから Naze nara futari wa hanatarete iru kara Because the two had been freed...
死んだ世界で唯ふたりだけが幸せだった Shinda sekai de tada futari dake ga shiawase datta In that dead world, two alone were happy...

English translation by vgperson

Long ago, long ago, in our race's prime,
This is a story from once upon a time,
Our tale dates back to a world where we were free,
blessed with immortality.

There lived a girl who was born under a tree,
Bearing red fruit that shined oh so brilliantly,
And since she ate from it, all the town could see,
She was now fated to die.

Out by a lake, surrounded by trees,
away from the center of town,
there stood a small bakery,
of the red fruit.

Confident and ready to go,
on this chilly day,
the girl worked and worked,
preparing sweet pies,
made of red fruit

"Finally, today you will see, how yummy they are."

"Wow, what a treat!" She walked through the streets;
and stood nearby the tall clock-tower,
it was so busy today!
La la lu la, lucky!

Still on her own, she stood all alone,
holding her full basket of treats,
"Would you like to try them out? I made them by myself!"

But despite all her work, no not one pie would sell,
Would they ever just listen? Oh, only time would tell.
"But I'm no different from you, I'm a human too...If you only knew."

Just like always, it seems my voice still fades.
It's almost like I truly don't exist, and I feel so small.
Every single day,
It seems this is the only way,
For all of you to pretend like you don't understand at all.

Forgotten in a 'dead' world,
where only this girl lives,
swallowed by the red curse.

She worked that night,
preparing her pies;
she smiled as she went on her way,
There was no giving up yet -- she'd try yet again.

Time ticked on,
but she stayed strong,
holding her dear basket of treats,
"I worked so hard on these,"
and as she stood there with a smile,

Suddenly, she felt a shove,
her sweet treats fell around from above,
People seemed not to care and they trampled the pies,
walking onward with cold, distant eyes,

Quietly now, the girl gathered them all up,
Then a soft hand reached out from above,

He gently took a pie in his hand,
and he took a small bite then,
"It's delicious."

His words pierced right through,
My heart with gentle kindness,
it finally felt to me that I truly did exist,

He reached out to her,
and no he didn't mind it,
that now he was cursed in the same way she had always been.

Forgotten in a 'dead' world,
where only these two live,
swallowed by the red curse.

Now everybody pitied them
and all that they did,

For they were the foolish children,
cursed by the fruit of red,

they would never live forever,
and would die off instead,

What a poor and unfortunate, tragic tale!

But the two were full of joy,
Happiness loved the girl and boy,
La la la ,
what a beautiful--what a lovely
curse for us,

Even if we die tomorrow,
we won't waste time with sorrow,
or with sadness no,
we'll just smile.

Just like always, it seems my voice still fades.
It's almost truly like I don't exist, and I feel so small.
Every single day,
It seems this is the only way,
For all of you to pretend like you

don't know that you are cursed.

Finally, it seems,
we're rid of our 'eternity',
It truly looked as if the pair had finally lost their minds,

They held each other close,
and promised they'd still smile,
Because they were finally freed of the pain from the 'red fruit curse'!

In that once lonely 'dead' world,
now only these two would smile,
and treasure their precious time.

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