A Moment's Rain, The Final War
Song title
Romaji: Toki no Ame, Saishuu Sensou
English: A Passing Shower, The Final War
Original Upload Date
orangestar (music, lyrics)
M.B (illust)
Moyashi (guitar)
960,000+ (NN), 3,920,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
答えて ねぇ kotaete nee Answer me, please.

にわか雨が寄せる街の夜へ niwaka ame ga yoseru machi no yoru e I’m trying to fight the course of my emotions
沈む世界 感覚遡行 shizumu sekai kankaku sokou as the world sinks into the night on the streets visited by a sudden shower.
「きっと僕ら生まれながら "kitto bokura umare nagara “From the moment we’re born,
何処にもないコタエを探してる」 doko ni mo nai kotae o sagashiteru" we’re forever searching for answers that don’t exist.”

応えて ねぇ kotaete nee Answer me, please.

叶えて kanaete Make it come true.
何を? nani o? Make what come true?

今日の世界はいかがです? kyou no sekai wa ikaga desu? How is the world today?
きっと言われずとも君は kitto iwarezutomo kimi wa I’m guessing you already know that
君を知っているだろうともさ kimi o shitteiru darou tomosa without anyone telling you.
けどまだ信じられぬだろう kedo mada shinjirarenu darou But you probably still have trouble believing
終わる日々の果て owaru hibi no hate in the end of these closing days.

泣き出した想の彼方 nakidashita sou no kanata Beyond your mournful thoughts
終わらない善と悪の祭典 owaranai zen to aku no saiten is an endless banquet of good and evil.
「なんてざま期待も無いな」 "nante zama kitai mo nai na" “How ugly. There’s nothing to hope for.”
って君は君を掻き消した tte kimi wa kimi o kaki keshita Thus you silenced your own voice.

時の流れに希望さえもう toki no nagare ni kibou sae mou In this world where time flows by without mercy
描けない世界で egakenai sekai de and there’s no longer any room for hopes,
正しさなんて誰にもわかんないから tadashisa nante dare ni mo wakan nai kara no one can determine what is right, and what is wrong,
君は何も願ってもいいの kimi wa nani mo negatte mo ii no so you may wish for anything you want.

コタエハ? kotae wa? What’s the answer?
無いよ… nai yo… There’s none…

「僕のことなどきっと僕はまだ」 "boku no koto nado kitto boku wa mada" “I still don’t understand myself yet…”
悲しさのみ木霊する kanashisa nomi kodama suru There’s nothing but the echo of your sorrow.
孤独の中遠く浮かぶ昨日は kodoku no naka tooku ukabu kinou wa Surfacing in some distant part of your loneliness is yesterday’s memory.

今日で世界は終わります kyou de sekai wa owari masu The world is going to end today.
君が拒めど此の暮れに kimi ga kobame do ko no kure ni Try as you might to fight it, when the light falls,
咲カセ死ニ花 sakase shi ni hana you’ll die a beautiful, glorious death.
成るは厭なり思うは成らず naru wa iya nari omou wa narazu Unhappy with what you have, yet unable to realize what you want—
君の全てはね kimi no subete wa ne it’s always like that for you.

止まない憂いの最中 yamanai urei no sanaka Amidst this neverending sorrow,
二つ感情は対を成して願いを放つ futatsu kanjou wa tsui o nashite negai o hanatsu the two emotions shall complement each other and form a wish.
君は覚えてるかな kimi wa oboeteru kana Do you still remember the meaning
あの日涙の意味を ano hi namida no imi o of the tears shed that day?

この世はまだ終わらない kono yo wa mada owaranai This world isn’t over yet.
明けぬ夜が今日を塞いでたって akenu yoru ga kyou o fusaide tatte Even if the endless night closes off today,
僕は歌う「嫌いじゃないな」って boku wa utau "kirai ja nai na" tte I’ll keep on singing: “It’s not that bad.”
さぁクラい空が ハれる saa kurai sora ga hareru Look, the dark sky is clearing up.

泣き止んだ今日にさらば naki yanda kyou ni saraba I’ve cried enough; it’s time to make a fresh start.
変わらない思いを kawaranai omoi o I’ll live my life with my head held high,
振り翳すように生きてく furikazasu youni ikiteku embracing my steadfast feelings.
泣きながらでいいさ nakinagara de ii sa I might go on crying again, but that’s okay,
それを繰り返して笑える生涯 sore o kurikaeshite waraeru shougai for after the tears, the smiles will eventually come.

また明日の雨に打たれたっていつか mata ashita no ame ni utareta tte itsuka Will there ever come a time when I can bring myself to say
この世に生まれてきてよかったって kono yo ni umaretekite yokatta tte that I’m glad I’ve been born into this world,
言えるようになるかな ieru youni naru kana even if the rain’s gonna beat down on me again tomorrow?
その日まで sono hi made Until that day comes,

負けないよ makenai yo I won’t give up.

(負けないよ…) (makenai yo…) (I won’t give up…)
(Ah...) (Ah...) (Ah…)

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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