Abandoned Stella
Song title
Romaji: Sutego no Sutera
English: Abandoned Stella
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Rin
Neru (music, lyrics)
z'5 (music, lyrics)
Ameya Ema (illust, movie)
530,000+ (NN), 350,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
これっぽっちの天体に koreppocchi no tentai ni Throwing away about 7.00*10^9 life forms
7.00*10^9分くらいの命を捨てて nanajuuoku bun kurai no inochi o sutete into this tiny little planet
逃げる nigeru and running away;
一つ分の明かりで暮らせだ hitotsu bun no akari de kurase da telling us to live with the light
なんて都合良い利己主義的な nante tsugoi ii riko shugiteki na of one fraction of that… what an egocentric,
話だ hanashi da delusional idea.

青を黒で塗りたくった ao o kuro de nuritakutta It’s like a painter’s palette,
画家の絵皿みたいだ gaka no ezara mitai da where the blue has been smeared with black.

恒星 天文 創造 kousei tenmon souzou Star, astronomy, creation,
天動説 相対論 tendousetsu soutairon geocentric model, theory of relativity—
結局僕等は何なんだ kekkyoku bokura wa nan nanda what exactly are we, in the end?

ガラクタの望遠鏡で僕を映して garakuta no bouenkyou de boku o utsushite Reflecting myself on my battered telescope,
遠い星を覗いている tooi hoshi o nozoiteiru I’m looking at a star far, far away.
暗くて 不細工で kurakute busaiku de It’s so dark, so plain-looking,
相俟って他愛なくて aimatte taai nakute and on top of that, so helpless,
頬を伝う hou o tsutau quietly letting the meteor shower
流星群をそっと落として riyuuseigun o sotto otoshite trickle down its cheeks,
理神論を恨んでいる rishinron o urande iru resenting the concept of deism.
手合わせて 願って te awasete negatte I put my hands together and make a wish.
三回光る前に sankai hikaru mae ni Please find me,
僕を見付け出して boku o mitsukedashite before you’ve flickered thrice.

それは それは sore wa sore wa This is a story about a certain star,
とある星の 昔話 toaru hoshi no mukashibanashi from a long, long time ago,
あの澄んだ青色は何処かの ano sunda aoiro wa dokoka no but apparently, that clear blue color
誰かが泣いた残滓らしい dareka ga naita zanshi rashii is the vestige of someone’s tears, somewhere.

ガラクタの望遠鏡を持って走って garakuta no bouenkyou o motte hashitte Bringing with me my battered telescope,
遠い星を目指している tooi hoshi o mezashite iru I’m running, aiming for that star far, far away.

稚拙で 小さいが chisetsu de chiisai ga I’m still so small and clumsy,
諦められなくて akiramerare nakute but I can’t give up on it.
天の川なんてワンツーステップで超えて amanogawa nante wantsuu suteppu de koete With two simple steps, I’ve crossed over the Milky Way,
アルタイルの先へ飛んで行く arutairu no saki e tonde iku and I’m flying beyond Altair.
転んで 踠いて koronde mogaite I’ve tumbled and fallen, and I’ve struggled,
ようやく届きそうだ youyaku todokisouda but at long last, it’s just within my reach.

この宇宙は 広い kono uchuu wa hiroi This universe is
そして 深い soshite fukai so vast and fathomless,
けれど まだ keredo mada but it’s as yet
謎 ばかり nazo bakari full of mysteries,
ただ一つ tada hitotsu and there’s only one thing
わかったよ wakatta yo I know for sure:
ひとりは hitori wa it’s lonely to be
さみしいよ samishii yo on my own.

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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