Song title
Romaji: Ai
Official English: LOVE
Original Upload Date
Japanese verion: Feb.13.2015
English version: Jul.5.2015
TheCreepyPie (music, lyrics)
Geiky (lyrics, translation)
Jasket (lyrics)
Marz Mitzi (tuning)
Crusher (illust)
Japanese verion: 6,600+ (NN), 280,000+ (YT), 33,000+ (SC)
English version: 1,900+ (NN), 1,250,000+ (YT)
Extended version: 65,000+
Japanese version: Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast (deleted)
English version: Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast
Extended ver: YouTube Broadcast


Japanese Romaji English
愛してなんて難しくない Aishite nante muzukashikunai
許してなんて難しくて Yurushite nante muzukashikute
傍のあの聖書(ほん) ほっといていてよ Soba ni ano hon hottoiteite yo
君の浮気に 笑ってしまう Kimi no uwaki ni waratteshimau
恋が絶望に 憧れながら Koi ga zetsubou ni akogare nagara
自分を変えて 素直な君へ Jibun o kaete sunao na kimi e
そんな嘘を吐いた Sonna uso o haita

救いようのない Sukui you no nai
嘘だらけだ Uso darake da
醜い君に Minikui kimi ni
恋をしようよ Koi o shiyou yo

愛してる Aishiteiru
ゴミ見たいな君のままで Gomi mitai na kimi no mama de
憧れている Akogarete iru
僕が無ければ壊れている Boku ga nakereba kowareteiru
必要だよ Hitsuyou da yo
自己憐憫に僕が必要 Jiko renbin ni boku ga hitsuyou
愛している Aishite iru
思いやりだけの恋愛 Omoiyari dake no ren'ai
憧れるから愛しているよ Akogareru kara aishiteiru yo
必要だから憧れて Hitsuyou dakara akogarete
愛しているから君が必要 Aishiteiru kara kimi ga hitsuyou
なのに君の愛はニセモノ Nanoni kimi no ai wa nisemono

愛している憎んでいる Aishite iru nikunde iru
僕のモノにならなきゃ Boku no mono ni naranakya
綺麗と純粋なんて Kirei to junsui nante
僕らの恋は大違い Bokura no koi wa oochigai
嘘を全部吐いてよ Uso o zenbu haite yo
愛して愛して Aishite aishite
アイシテアイシテアイシテアイシテ Aishite aishite aishite aishite

手を取り合って Te o toriatte
跪いて Hizamazuite
叫んでいる 「おねがいおねがいおねがいおねがい」 Sakende iru "onegai onegai onegai onegai"
愛を見せるため Ai o miseru tame
なんでもすると Nandemo suru to
罪人が跪き跪き跪き Zainin ga hizamazuki hizamazuki hizamazuki

Loving you isn't really that much of a chore
But tolerating your whims, oh that's a f*****g bore
Gimme that holy book keep it right here
Flipping through its pages, Laughing at your cheatery

Seeking love like a little b***h
You're so desperate, like you're in heat
Saying that you're changing, one more lie: that's how you're faking
Won't fool anyone but yourself

You are absolutely hopeless
You are a goddamn liar
Yet I just keep making love
To this ugly, ugly you

I'm in love with you
(Like the piece of garbage that I claimed you are)
Desperately clinging onto you
(Without me, you'd be a lump of broken shards)
In desperate need for you
(Loving me just for your goddamn self-pity)
I've fallen for you
(Living through this love just for sheer sympathy)

Oh, loving you, was as simple as chewing needles
Wanting you was a complete waste of my damn time
Needing endless care, your ego so small and feeble
Loving me, filling your facade, it was all just a lie

They love me, then they love me not
Sayin' that they gotta make me theirs
It's so unclean and just sinful
This thing we call love is so baleful

Keep on talking; keep lies moving
Lean in closer, and keep on lying
Love me.. Love me!!

They keep on praying
And I'll keep on playing
I can't stop yelling "Stop me! Save me! Take me from self-pity!"
All those who said they'd do
anything to show me their love
bow down to your sin, to your lies, to your lies, to all your dirty lies
Hands clasped together

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