Ai wa Sensou
Song title
Romaji: Ai wa Sensou
English: Love is War
Original Upload Date
English version: Apr.3.2013
ryo (music, arrangement)
kooyo*P (lyrics)
ma10a (arrangement)
English version: 4,000+
Niconico Broadcast
English version: Niconico Broadcast


Japanese Romaji English
行き場の無い焦燥 yukiba no nai shousou It’s an irritation with nowhere to go,
この愛の荷重差 kono ai no kajuusa the difference in our love

藍色の空 aiiro no sora The dark blue sky,
微粒子の光角 biryuushi no koukaku the angle of the particles of light
日差しは沈み hizashi wa shizumi The sun is sinking,
闇弱に響く機械音 yamijaku ni hibiku kikaion the sound of machines echoes faintly

嗚呼、世界が荒んで aa, sekai ga susande The world runs wild;
それでも好きでいれるかなんて soredemo suki de ireru ka nante even so, will I still love you?
分かりきった wakarikitta It’s perfectly clear —
この暗号を君に kono angou o kimi ni but how can I
どうすれば dou sureba Send this
伝わるか tsutawaru ka signal to you?
バカだな… baka da na… What an idiot…
俺は ore wa I am

君を守るよ kimi o mamoru yo I’ll protect you —
これは戦争 kore wa sensou this is war
傷付いてく君を見るなんて kizutsuiteku kimi o miru nante Just seeing you so hurt…!
溺れる愛 oboreru ai Losing my head over love
これは罪 kore wa tsumi is a sin
思い知らせ omoishirase I’ll make you understand
俺の愛惜を ore no aishaku o I can’t stand to be apart from you

叫んでみたこの声は貧弱だけど sakende mita kono koe wa hinjaku dakedo The voice I shouted with is weak
どれほど声をあげても dore hodo koe o agete mo However loudly I yell,
君に届きはしないだろう kimi ni todoki wa shinai darou it probably won’t reach you

嗚呼、いつの間にか夜が明ける aa, itsu no ma ni ka yo ga akeru Ah, day will break before I know it;
時間よ止まれ jikan yo tomare I wish time would stop
気持ちが伝えられなくて kimochi ga tsutaerare nakute I can’t tell you how I feel
どうしたら dou shitara How can I,
どうすれば dou sureba what should I…

手も届かない te mo todokanai Even my hand won’t reach you;
君が見えるよ kimi ga mieru yo I can only watch

だから dakara And so I…

君を守るよ kimi o mamoru yo I’ll protect you —
これは戦争 kore wa sensou this is war
手段なんて選ぶ暇は無い shudan nante erabu hima wa nai We don’t have time to choose a way
この愛の差を見せ付ける為 kono ai no sa o misetsukeru tame To show you how our love is different
君を守り抜いてみせるのさ kimi o mamorinuite miseru no sa I’ll defend you to the end

終撃用意 shuugeki youi Prepare for a final attack
戦況は未だ終わりがない senkyou wa ima da owari ga nai There’s no end to this battle yet
愛は戦争 ai wa sensou Love is war
この歌が君に届くまでは kono uta ga kimi ni todoku made wa Until this song reaches you
English translation by bluepenguin

I just cannot take it anymore
Please hear my scream of love for you


The big blue sky, it's like a taunting sing
"You're not with her"
As I look down at my feet
I patiently wait for something to just occur

Ah, the world is slowly falling apart
But even so, my love for you will still shine
Please understand, I'm letting go of that
But how do I make you see this secret code of mine
I'm a fool...
But I will...

Protect you 'til I am sore because of this war
There is no way I'll watch you at this distance anymore
I will make my love heal every pain that you feel
Please trust me because my affection for you is all real

No matter how loud I tried to yell your name,
I can't do it
One more try to force your name out of my lips
I wonder will you hear it?

Ah, the dawn is slowly closing on us, but God
Can't you just somehow stop the flow of time?
I just want to make sure he understands
The feeling I have inside, is that such a crime?

I can see you there, you're just not within my reach...

But I will...

Protect you 'til I am sore because this is a war
Just simply because there is no time to choose anymore
I will somehow belowed show you I truly love
I will defend you like the angels sent from God above

This is the final blow
This battle rage will not end
Because it can only grow
Remember that Love is War
Until this song has reached your ears
So you know you're adored

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