Song title
Romaji: Shinshou Rasuto Naito
English: Heartache Last Night
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Hatsune Miku
Kohm (music, lyrics)
あるにあ (lyrics, video)
160,000+ (NN), 9,500+ (PP), 940,000+ (YT)
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Japanese Romaji English
揺るぎない床のかたさや 残した不忠のヒエラルキー yuruginai yuka no katasa ya nokoshita fuchuu no hierarukii With my memory of the rigid floor and the hierarchy of disloyalty left behind,
小さな声でつづった希望と 砂の上で冒険した chiisana koe de tsuzutta kibou to suna no ue de bouken shita I set out on my adventure across the desert, keeping in my heart a hope weaved together with a timid voice.

時はすぐに吹き過ぎて つまってはまた考えた toki wa sugu ni fukisugite tsumatte wa mata kangaeta Time always flies by so fast, I keep stumbling upon obstacles, forcing myself to stop and think.
みんなで交わした朝の言葉が おぼろな夢を磨いていった minna de kawashita asa no kotoba ga oborona yume o migaite itta The words we all shared in the morning helped bring the hazy dream into sharper focus.

挑んで負けた夕暮れも 暑さで消えた君の影も idonde maketa yuugure mo atsusa de kieta kimi no kage mo Resting my face on my hands, I thought of those late afternoons when we lost the challenge
両手を顔に当てて考えた 今日も 昨日の名残を追いかけて ryoute o kao ni atete kangaeta kyou mo kinou no nagori o oikakete and the way your shadow vanished due to the scorching heat. Here I am, spending another day chasing after the remnants of yesterday.

探り合って思いついて すきま風と逃げ出した saguriatte omoitsuite sukimakaze to nigedashita Trying to sound things out and coming up with a solution, we fled as a draft of wind blew upon our backs.
「あの日に戻ったりできないかな」 また今日も考えて “ano hi ni modottari dekinai kana” mata kyou mo kangaete “Is there no way for us to go back to that day?” I’m pondering that question again today.
末枯れる 消えてゆく 一人ぼっちの君の影 uragareru kiete yuku hitoribotchi no kimi no kage Your lonesome shadow is fading away like the dying twigs in the harsh winter.
口とがらせては飲み込んだ「どうしようもないな」 kuchi togarasete wa nomikonda “doushiyou mo nai na” I’m not happy with that, but I decided to accept it. “There’s nothing to do about it.”

今日を閉じた あの青空は 「どこに続くの?」「君に届くの?」 kyou o tojita ano aozora wa “doko ni tsuzuku no?” “kimi ni todoku no?” That blue sky, locking up today in its hold— “Where does it lead to?” “Would it bring me to you?”
雲になぞった この心傷 「どこに続くの?」「君に届くの?」 kumo ni nazotta kono shinshou wa “doko ni tsuzuku no?” “kimi ni todoku no?” This heartache that I traced out among the clouds— “Where does it lead to?” “Would it bring me to you?”

思い出して へこむ今日が 君の望んでいた自由なの? omoidashite hekomu kyou ga kimi no nozondeta jiyuu nano? Recalling everything, I’m feeling down again. Is this the freedom you wished for?
「ちがう」「そうじゃない」とつぶやいて 嘆くのやめにしよう “chigau” “sou janai” to tsubuyaite nageku no yame ni shiyou “No.” “This isn’t it,” I whispered. I guess I’ll try to stop grieving over it.
この太陽も広い世界も 全部「いらない」となげうって kono taiyou mo hiroi sekai mo zenbu “iranai” to nageutte I’m going to cast away everything— the sun, and this vast world,
この気持ちこの思いを君のとこ 届けに行くのです kono kimochi kono omoi o kimi no toko todoke ni yuku no desu and I’m coming to where you are, to tell you of these feelings and these thoughts.

交わしあって 頷きあって 壁のなかへと飛び込んだ kawashiatte unazukiatte kabe no naka eto tobikonda Talking over the plan and nodding our heads in agreement, we jumped into the wall.
死んでも腐ったりしないように 君にあって伝えよう shindemo kusattari shinai youni kimi ni atte tsutaeyou I’m going to see you and tell you about all of this so that it won’t rot away, even if I were to die.
暮れてゆく見えなくなる 1人足りない現実に kurete yuku mienaku naru hitori tarinai genjitsu ni This reality, where darkness is falling, obscuring everything and we’ve lost one of us—
口尖らせて飲み込まず 君と明日を変えていこう 君と明日を生きていこう kuchi togarasete nomikomazu kimi to asu o kaete yukou kimi to asu o ikite yukou I’m not happy with it, and neither can I accept it. So let me go on changing the future with you. Let me go on living the future with you.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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